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Hi everyone, I applied for PIP and my forms had to be back by the 17th March, which I managed However today I received notification that my face to face assessment is on the 27th March just 10 days after I submitted my form. I am also feeling slightly annoyed as I have a 70 mile round trip to make to my assessment and I have to be there at 8:45!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it a bad sign my face to face is so soon?? sorry for the paranoia, but this whole process has made me feel paranoid and like my life is being scrutinized!

hope you are all well :)

J x

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  • I would contact them if you feel you cannot get to the assessment centre

    and see if you could get a home assessment

    ( If you have mobility problems or cannot sit for the length of time it takes to get to the assessment )- not being able to get to the assessment centre may be to your advantage )

  • Hi.

    Agree with dillm2. I had my PIP assessment last month I had a home assessment asked for one told them no way I could get to a assessment centre. You should ring them and tell them you can't possibly make it to them.

    I also had a quick appointment after my forms went back and a quick decision. In fact it was so quick they had had no medical evidence to rely on.

    I have just sent in for Mandatory reconsideration using that fact.

    Good Luck with your PIP Application.

    Caz. Xx

  • Agree with the others that is too far to expect a disabled person to travel on their own in one go. Do ring and explain and ask for a home visit. Best of luck with it all and let us know how you get on.x

  • Thanks everyone, My husband would be driving me there, but I would have to leave the house at about 07:15 to get through the morning traffic, so that means getting up about 5:45 to be ready to go and then I have to go to work after wards......phew...its ridiculous! I'm going to call them on Monday .

    J X

  • All The Best J4 I got Knocked Back don't think I explained Myself well enough hope you have more Luck than I did xx

  • appeal I have heard they try to get away with refusing the first but people appealed and got a yes, Don't give up. Good luck. Gentle hugs

  • Thank You Panther it was Months ago Now I will apply again if things get worse(which they seem to be)but for now don't want the Stress of it .x

  • Hi hunny, why have you got to go all that way ? Ask for home visit as your not well enough to travel. They came to me. Don't worry about your assesment as the lady who came to me was lovely it took about 1 1/2 hrs and was exhausted after but was worth it . Just be truthful and if your in pain let them know your in pain there only human afterall. There is nothing to worry about hunny I wish you well and good luck x

  • I agree with the others also, and ring them and explain that it is a long way to travel so early in the morning. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Ring them and ask for an assessment nearer to you, I did and they were very helpful, even changed the time

  • Sorry for being stupid can you pkease tell me what pip is please

  • It is personal independence payment for disabled people in the UK

  • Thank you

  • When l rang to change the time they were great. ...people doing the assessment often have not been involved in the setting up of the meetings and therefore have more flexi ility

    I too got my reresults very quickly....

    Re mobility only interested in how far not quality or related issues....even on mandatory appeal.....

    haven't the energy to take it to tribunal.....will wait till mobility gets worse and try again then.....

  • Same with me because I can Walk more than Four Bus Lenghs I was refused,My Knees can be very PAinful but I do push myself what do they want us to do not move over the Doorstep sit and Rot.I won't appeal either carnt go through that again like you I know it's going to get worse I'll wait untill then.Bless You x

  • Please please, do not go for this assessment. Ring them, or better still, get someone else to ring them & say you are not well enough to attend. Ask for a home visit. If you've read any of my other posts on here...you'll realise why. Best of luck Jan.

  • I honestly thought that with ATOS being given the boot things would improve but bloody hell 70 MILES Do you not have an assement centre nearer than that if not tell them you want a home visit As for the rapid reply I would consider that a positive as it is better to get it over and done with than be waiting months and months and having all the extra stress that comes with the long wait..GOOD LUCK

  • Hi I would ring them and see if you can get a closer appointment, and no

    its not a bad sign that your assessment is so quick, the first time I applied

    it took 18 months which they refused, but the second time it only took 3

    months I think they have caught up with some of the backlog, but after

    my assessment it took 6 days for a decision which this time went in my

    favour, so don't worry too much and good luck

  • I got in contact with them and told them under any circumstances could i make my journey as it was too far. They were helpful for once and changed it to 3 mile away. Its not too late either to fone as my time limit was like yours. Gud luck n fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thanks for your advice everyone, I contacted them today and although my appointment is now on the 9th April, the assessment centre is about 9 miles away, so this is much better. To be honest I just want to back out and withdraw my claim, as I said earlier I feel like my life is under complete scrutiny, and I dont like it.

    Anyhow thanks again, I will let you know how it goes :)


  • Hi I couldn't attend my first face to face. I panicked initially but my sister works with assisted living and she just told me to ring them and explain. My partner rang and explained I wasn't able to travel that far and the appointment was to early . I received another appointment 2 months later in the afternoon and much closer to home . hope this helps

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