Time and place is here at 8 am

Well anybody who is anybody will be and should be on here at 8 this morning to listen to chorleys 3rd installment of his epic tale it truely is a wonderful thing and stars his wife too so dont miss it you would be a fool to do so . do we need tissues????? handy or is it a happy ending? who knows love and hugs and see you here dont be late make it a date to listen to the chorleys tale at 8. ther you go is that enough advertising for you ? i wanna cut of the profits when its published chorley for being your pa x love to all diddle xxx

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  • Diddle as my PA i expect you to get the info correct, if you read whet i put on your othe blog it says i WIL BE writing it after 8am and not posting it LOL :)

  • All done have posted an apology on community blog boss so all ok now jus hope no one gets nasty !!!!!!!! i will run and hide if they do ! love to you and yours diddle xxxx

  • OOOps sorry boss am i sacked now but you cant sack me i will say its discrimination as i have fibro and today was a bad day for fog(thats fibro fog ) not the stuff outside so sorry it is in your best interest to keep me on and i will rectify my mistake love to you boss and soft hugs diddle x

  • Nope i have lost count, i have been too busy writing LOL :)

  • You lot have had me in stiches here, what are you like lol. :)

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