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Anyone have any recommendations for a soft mattress for a CFS/fibro sufferer?

My old mattress broke down to the point where I could feel the springs digging into my lower back, so had to change it. In the last six weeks, I've bought two mattresses (both "medium" but turned out miles too firm). Pretty much every bed in the showroom feels too firm, can feel pressure from mattress "pushing me up".

No idea what I'm going to do, anyone got any recommendations. My old mattress was 600 pocket springs with 50mm of memory foam, I just sunk into it and it was class.


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  • My bed has springs on base as well as mattress and it's so comfy, but if you have bought two already ??? What about trying new base.

  • Hi jrwfsl147

    Unfortunately I am unable to recommend a good mattress. I purchased a 7" memory foam mattress that the guy promised me would soften up.

    Four years later I am still waiting :(

    Take a look on the right of your screen, under Related Posts and you will be able to read up on other posts that have been written about mattresses.

    I do know that it is a subject that comes up often on the forum.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • Yes our sleeping needs are a dilemma for some of us! I have a Sealy posturpaedic coz I have OA & Fibro- I wouldn,t be able to turn over in bed on a soft mattress. Maybe you could get a matress topper so as not to waste on another matress and sell the spare one online with buyer to collect-maybe Gumtree?

  • Worst-case scenario, my brother loves my current mattress so he'll take it. For me, lying on it is agony. Tried a topper, no joy.

  • For me its memory foam....can't beat it! x

  • My current mattress came from a company called John Ryan, they don't sell in stores but you do get a long trial with no return charges.

    The best thing about them is that they will answer any question you have and if they think another companies mattress will suit you better they tell you!

    I said I needed to feel like a cloud was supporting me, I almost have it and I know exactly what the composition is :-)

  • if you can sleep on memory foam get decent matress topper ikea do them

    ive go the tromsdalen one its got latex and cotton lining on it

    as i find memory foam makes me too hot .

    got mine via gumtree at a recycling place in govan glasgow they have or had the king size ones for 84 pounds bargain as they are 284 in ikea . dont know why they are wrapped in original packaging . but has made my over firm mattress feel perfect im sleeping with less muscle spasms

  • HI jrwfsl147 , I have firm but not too firm double pillow top and it sleeps well. I am considering getting a 2to4 in inch topper but can't decide if I really want it. I wish you the best as a mattress is a large investment these days and if your not satisfied can be very upsetting.Good luck!! Peck 🐤

  • Hi Peck,

    If you get the mattress topper make sure it's a decent one I just bought a 3" one from eBay managed a. Outlet of nights but one it kept slipping off the bed so not quite sure what I do if I do sleep and it wasn't proper memory foam I also needed a ladder to get on my bed lol.


  • I have real problems with finding the right mattress too. I find I can only manage with a memory foam mattress nowadays.

    We were stopping at my sis-in-law's place a few months ago and she had a new, very firm mattress on the bed. It was agony! I just couldn't cope on such a firm mattress.

    I stayed in a hotel when my dad was in hospital last year and I was visiting him. The mattress there was so soft I couldn't sleep on that either. Had to get up and try to sleep sitting up in a chair!

    Our old memory foam one had got too soft with a big dip in the middle and that was causing me problems. Now we have a new memory foam one though I'm fine on that.

  • If you can afford it a sleep number bed is soooo worth it. The kind with heat and cold air

  • Hi jrwfsl147

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have a full memory foam mattress and I truly love it. My wife use to have a tri-zone mattress but had to change it for a hospital one with a lifter.

    I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I'm a huge advocate for non-spring mattresses. A reasonable compromise to a really expensive memory foam mattress is to get a reasonably good latex/foam mattress and then a 4 inch Costco memory foam topper. I learned how good the Costco memory foam topper was after I was cheap when purchasing my guest room mattress. It failed to ever "loosen up" and was like sleeping on the sidewalk. We got a Costco topper and it is incredibly comfortable! I live overseas now, and the topper is so good that we brought all the way here.

  • I spent over £300 on a mattress with springs and inch of memory foam all in one, wasted my cash so added hotel type mattress topper still no use I seem to sleep more on my leather settee in daytime so I think my settee must suit my body more :/ x

  • Like you I feel all the ridges so I have a memory topper.Bought from factory shop

  • Strange but I went bed shopping on Saturday. I went to Dreams. They were very helpful and I got lots of info from them. They also told me if you buy from them you get a 40 day trial so if you don't like it you can change it for another one. The one I looked at was rather expensive but I think we all have so much trouble sleeping it might just be worth it. The mattress alone was a thousand pounds and it's not memory foam. I told him that I get really hot and all the pain and he surgested an actigel one it is supposed to help with over heating. It is still a sprung mattress so is quite firm but has a very thick layer of actigel on top which seemed very comfortable. I think I will save up and get one for myself. Good luck with your mission.

    From Sarah.

  • I had a mattress with a memory foam layer on the top but although it was quite comfortable it used to make it difficult to regulate body temperature. I would also reiterate what Telynores has said above. The John Ryan website is brilliant and gives a lot of information. If you are under approx 11 stone in weight I think it's recommended that you only need a soft mattress. I went to a Furniture Village store to try out mattresses with natural fillings and the most comfortable was Vispring, but they are expensive. They give excellent support but you can't feel pressure on painful muscles. It's like lying on a cloud. Ended up buying a mattress online from the John Lewis Natural Collection as it was in the sale. If you live near a John Lewis store you can try them out. They also allow a long trial period.

  • Hi,

    I have a Hypnos mattress which is supposed to be a bed you should find comfortable but I have to be honest I have had that many mattresses I feel like the princess and the pea! If you are going to get a new one I would recommend dreams bedding as when I got mine the first mattress was much too hard so went back and they have a policy where they will change the mattress if it's not right after 30 days and there was no fee for this. I have a friend who has same problems and I house sat for her earlier this year and she has a Dorma memory foam mattress topper and I have to say it was the most comfortable month I have had in a very long time. I have just tried a cheap made one from eBay and it was useless so has to be a good quality one. I have also seen now there is a new type out which not only has memory foam. It also a type of gel which is supposed to help they are also supposed to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Seem an advert for a mattress on facebook which they give you 100 days moneyback guarantee and it's not a bad price but unfortunately can't remember the name now.


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