My muscles are gonna pop soon

Does anybody else get really tight muscles. I seem to be clenched all over and i clench my teeth so hard i have broken one right at the front. My doctor has given me muscle relaxants but all they seem to do is make me feel like i'm hung over in the morning and that makes it even harder to get out of bed (if that could be possible) I just can't relax at all. My husband is a fitness instructor and doesn't understand what i am going through. His answer is always exercise more. I have an exercise bike but that kills me for days. I used ti be so fit i feel there is no point going on like this at times.

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  • hi yes they feel like they are going to burst out of my skin some days and are so painful this fibro has got alot to answer for . oh please dont say things like that feel there is no point there isa point we all get days when we fel like that we really dob but you have to just try and get on with it as best you can and jus do what you can on the days that you are really bad.please try and talk to your friends/family/doctor or even see if you can see a counsellor connected to your doctor surgery but please just talk it out and let them know how you are feeling i clam every thing up but last week i did crumble my mum called me and said how are you and normally i would say fine and get off the subject quick but i didnt i really di break down i done it 3/4 times last week to my sister and my doctor and let it all out and also i came on here too and just wrote it all down. the other thing is yes we have bad days terrible days that can be weeks and months but we are still here and there is really always someone worse off, people who have got only weeks or months to live or who have lost their sight or hearing or limbs so please try and keep posotive but it is also ok to be down but you keep that chin up and take care los of love and soft hug to you Diddle x

  • Thanks for that. I am feelin really down at moment. The only person i have to talk to is my sister and i think she is getting fed up with me. I'm gonna go back to doctor and see if he can give me a different relaxant. Every time i try to talk to him i totally fall apart and end up leaving with nothing resolved. I will be strong this time and get the right help somehow. Soft hugs back at ya

  • your welcome we all get really down and i am like yoy dont want to keep telling my loved ones things but they got really mad with me last week and quite upset that they did not realise things had gotten quite so bad with me as i always put the mask on!!! you know the one i mean? and they really want to help me and also my GP is fantastic i can go in there and sit ther 5 mins 25 mins and just pour it al out and she jus listens and sometimes gives me a hug so you make sure you tell your sister and your GP everything if you feel you cant why dont you show your suster this page and i am sure she would be so upset, I always say i dont know how i would be if my sister or someone i knew had this instead of me i really dont know if i would get it? do you? honestly its because we look normal LOL whatever normal is and you cant see it apart from i look very pale and tired at times thats about it you cant see finger joints aching and muscles aching so much you could cry and wobbly legs or my jelly legs as i call them , well keep coming on here anything to help you get through this bad patch there is always someone on here to listen and prob put a smile on your face take care now and soft hugs to you as you need it tonight in fact 2 extra big soft hugs love Diddle xxxxxxx

  • Thats funny you talking about jelly legs. Thats what i always call them. mornings are sore and stiff, afternoon isjelly legs and exhaustion. lol

  • Lol see your not alone even with the terminology lol (dont think that right spelling ) will blame fibro fog ha ha . now take care of yourself and make tomorrow your new start day ok? or you will have me to answer to (lol) i am not to be messed with all 5ft $2 of me and 7 half stone if that so i bet your jelly legs really are like jelly now lol soft hugs to you Diddle x

  • im like that too ,my muscles feel really bulgy and horrible and i have grind my teeth so bad one of mine has come out aswell,i know what you meen about being super fit and now you cant be that same person i used to beable to walk 8to 9 miles a day with out even thinking about im lucky to walk to my car without being in pain ,it must be hard with husband being a fitness instructor,but you are still you. and you must never think like that, i know its hard it does take some adjusting we all get really low just come on here and have a rant there always seems to be someone to make you feel better tc xx

  • I am fairly new to all this ...not the illness just the forum. I have just read what you have all written and I am glad I stumbled across this thread. My Dr does not realise how bad my fibro is to be honest. I told him two or more years ago how my muscles never ease off they are solid,and as Sasadr said they feel like they could pop if they got any bigger. He just sudgested I swam I cant even swim !!!

    This also affects my weight....when my muscles are hard (and they stay hard for weeks ) I put on weight then if I have a break in it all I lose some weight. I have however ballooned to 17+ stone from 9 over the years mainly due to not being able to walk or do any exercise......

    My family have nothing to do with me any more have not for last 15 years as they thought I was just a moaner (" whats up with her now" ) even my daughter does not understand. She says I have friends Mum with fibro who are half your age and bringing up children and holding down jobs....I did all that too ,but now I am retired she thinks I have it cushy coz at least I don't have to work. I cannot at the moment even drive my car and have only left the house for Dr appointments or hospital.

    I cannot at this moment in time find anything positive to help me through,and just don't see the point in my life without family and support. So am hoping to be able to get some hope here......I at least now know that some of my symptoms are Fibro conected as I thought I was going mad!!!


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