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The dog's breakfast!

This morning I put the dog's breakfast in my cereal bowl and stirred it with my spoon. I knew it wasn't right but I wasn't sure why. When I realised I was unsure whether to laugh or cry - I laughed but the daft things do worry me. I regularly forget words and have to describe things like the car which is a black thing that drives on the road or the kettle which is the boily thing for water! Fortunately my hubby understands but not people in shops, I sometimes wonder if they think I'm a mad woman and quietly step away from me!!!

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Glad i am not the only one who does that lol it is so embarrasing when you meet someone and you stand there having a conversation and you like you said just cannot think of the word you want i sometimes feel really thick these days like my brain cells are being eaten up daily by this fibro fog , but i do laugh like you but sometimes i do get upset and want to cry i am only 46 and we all joke about losing our minds but it really is not very nice when you cant think of a simple word like car/kettle especially when i got 2 x grandsons who know what they are lol at 2 and 4 years. never mind you take care love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx


I forget things all the time. I have lists in my pockets all the time or i would just wander about lost. I keep mixing up my tablets and can't remember when i have taken them.


yep it's frustrating. who r u and wot am i doing again?!! Brain fog is the technical term for it, and that kinda sums it up really. You're fighting through this fogginess in your head trying to find what you're looking for. I have a Ba and an Ma and was getting ready to do a PhD when I got ill, now I dont think I could even say bread somedays let alone write a 20,000 word thesis!! very frustrating. I have a noticeboard on the wall in living room, calender in bedroom and post it note pads next to me at all times just to remind me of things or when i'm having moments of clarity i write stuff down incase i forget later.

I can never remember my meds either i have 7or so diff ones, but I have 2 of those weekly pill boxes and i find it helps to put everything in there, it also reminds me when to reorder then because i can tell how much i have left of eachxx


That was funny.

Thats me too i am sick of forgetting what day it is and even worse the date and month when having to sign my prescriptions.

My worst time was when my daughter had an appointment at newcastle hospital about 3 hours away, and got there and i had the wrong day and wrong time, i was so embarrased and my other half wasnt too pleased lol.

kel xxx


before i was diagnosed i'd made an appointment to go to the docs with yet another symptom of FM....when i got there i forgot what it was i wanted to discuss with the GP...when i came out, it hit me. the reason i went to see him was because of my memory problems! i had to go back in and make another appointment....i felt such a plonk!

i do that a lot these days....i just smile and make some feeble remark n pass it off kxx


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