No surprises the round yellow orb vanished down a rabbit hole but

it did not rain- must be good. OH has just sighted a strange shimmering thing in the window and then he realized it was my sparkly jumper. I have been described as some things but a tree implies willowy and that I am not. Still I am going to do something about that as of 7th anyone care to join me? xgins

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  • Yes, I'll join you! I have about a dozen mince pies clinging to my hips, and am longing to return to my old sylph!

    Pass the lettuce leaves, Gins!

    Love ... MOffy x

  • well I have just had to endure the New Years roast, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But tomorrow after I have devoured the last three mince pies it will be back to normal. That is untilo I go to vivit my son and he decides to take me out to breakfast lol. But I need to lose another 4 stone on top of the 7 I already lost, so I will definitely be joining you Gins xxxxx

  • What are you planning to do on the 7th ,,, burn your jumper or plant a tree??????

    VG x :-/

  • thankyou for making me chuckle VG,

    sandra. :D

  • Ah read the other replies all becomes clear... Grins delightedly I started my diet today I have a weeks head start... Umm providing I actually lose any weight this week

    VG x

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