Fibromyalgia Action UK

Thanks to this site i smile more !

Well i don think i have ever smiled so much for a long time and especially about my illness firo and all its ailments and all my aches and pains lol, it is so nice to be on here and hear everyone elses story and also to help each other with claiming different things and also medications and advice and tips on what people use such as the aids like mattresses and pillows and all sorts of weird and wonderful things and yes we may not all have the same things but most of us have got one or two things the same. oh well i hope you all have a wonderful reletively pain free evening and get a good night sleep or ay least a few hours and the sun shines for us tomorrow and lastly that i get all 8 numbers up on the lottery tonight now that is wishful thinking!!! love and soft hugs to you all Diddle XXXXX


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