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feeling dreadful

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Hi everyone, I hope you all feel well.

I have been in a flare for a month, I feel terrible I ache all over and I sleep all night and all day.

I have had to give up work (nursing) and now I feel like a waste of space .I saw the Rheumatologist and she is sending me for an MRI on my back and she upped my Gabapentin. I feel terrible.

Sorry for my rant .

12 Replies
Bolognese2022 profile image

Sorry to hear how unwell your feeling.

I have been forced to give up work twice due to poor health it’s a dreadful feeling, affects your confidence and self esteem.

I hope you have support from friends and family, it can make all the difference.

I have been taking gabapentin now for a few years, wonderful medication just wish my stomach would take analgesics as well. They can knock you out, usually in my case in the day not so much at night.

Look after yourself. I hope your consultant helps.

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Smiler69 in reply to Bolognese2022

Thank you 🌺

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Jaynefox in reply to Bolognese2022

hi I’m also on gabapentin,but don’t feel good on that,al you want to do is fell a sleep.and it not helping the pain I have in both hips.pain just makes me very depressed.cause doctors don’t do much.

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gentle virtual hugs,

am just ensuring you know, your not a waste of space, your a wonderful person, be kind to self,

keep warm the cold makes matters worse, if need to stay in bed then do,

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Smiler69 in reply to fmlife

Thank you.


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Good morning Smiler69,

I'm sorry your struggling so much, it's awful when we are in a flare. Your not a waste of space, it's important to be your own best friend, if one of your friends had this illness and had to give up work through no fault of her own, I'm Sure you wouldn't be giving her a hard time and I'm sure you would still value her as you had done in the past. We shouldn't blame ourselves for things we have no control over.

I find that regular massages/trigger point and yoga extremely helpful.

I hope you feel better soon and be kind to yourself

Best wishes


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Smiler69 in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thanks Debs, I am hard on myself and I get frustrated with myself because I can’t do it. My fiancé is amazing with me , he tells me to rest and get better, but I feel terribly guilty for not working and contributing to the house.

Thank you 😊🌺

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Hiya Smiler,

I’m sorry to hear u are in the midst of a bad flare. They can hurt so much n make u feel sad n alone. Well u aren’t alone u have us. I hope u have your laptop, plenty to drink, heat pads n soft blankets beside u. Won’t hurt to have that sweet fiancé looking after u n it will make him happy he can help. Hope it passes soon. Gentle hugs 😊🤗

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I honestly think the first few years with fibromyalgia are the worse as we try to adjust to managing the condition. I felt like you when I had to give up the job I loved. I also like you felt a lot of pressure as my husband and had had to give up work a year before so at that time there was only my wage coming in.As others have said we have to learn to be our own friend but when you are in so much pain it is hard to think straight. When in a long flare you think it won't end but it will so ha g on in there.x

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Hi I also had to give in work 6 years ago am on 3200 gabapentin per day not going to lie but they do take the edge of every now and then but the pains are really bad somedays I lie there in agony think to myself why am I taking the gabapentin hope your pains ease of x

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Sending gentle hugs lovely ❤️

Cotswolds25121 profile image

Hi Smiler, you say you were in nursing, well when you are giving your self a hard time, totally unecessary may I add😊think of the many many times that you have been of such great support and cared for others🤔we all seem to do it, believe we are not as worthy as others, which is so untrue. You are the person who deserves help now so please accept it without putting yourself down at all. Put that wasted energy into loving and looking after yourself 🤗you have a wonderful partner who wants to be there for you and remember you would do the same, I take it? If the situation was reversed. Rest and take care and hopefully you will then recover from this awful bout you are having and can enjoy the days to come. Give yourself a pat on the back instead because it’s blimming hard to say the least dealing with any long term health conditions and just know we are all on here to listen, advise the bed we can and share our stories, so let off steam at anytime and there will always be some one to hear you. Take good care and it’s nice to hear there are good caring partners 😘xx

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