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covid and fibromyalgia fatigue

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Hi thanks everyone. I hope you are ok x I have had a bad week. I have had a bout of Covid-19, and sadly my father passed away this weekend. I was wondering if any of you gets fatigue and if it makes you feel so tired and don't want to do anything and it makes you feel heavy. thank you for any help

10 Replies
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So sorry you've lost your dad fibrogirl. Yes to the fatigue question but I think you are having a really awful week with everything hitting you at the same time. It's no wonder you're tired, feel heavy and don't want to do anything. Grief is very much an individual thing much like fibro, we all deal with ours differently and in our own way. Please be kind to yourself and take your time, however much you need. Gentle (((hugs)))

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fibrogirl41 in reply to CheetieCat

hi thank you for your kind message x ❤️ I will do that and soon hopefully get back to my hydrotherapy sessions. I think I will be okay now x thank you again x🤗☺️

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Sorry for your loss. Sometimes my fatigue is so bad my legs feel like I'm dragging two cement pillars. I drink coffee all day till three , any later and I'd be up all night. Ha, who am I kidding I'm up all night anyway. Take care🌹

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I am sincerely sorry to hear your sad news. My father died suddenly and unexpectedly last Christmas. I have never been so exhausted in all my life. Just when I was getting some energy back I caught covid so your post hits very close to home with me.

Please give yourself time and have no expectations of yourself. There is nothing like being bereaved to make you exhausted. And then covid on top.

I have had some good days (for me), but I have struggled with muscle aches and joint pains which have contributed to fatigue.

Rest, let the mind and body heal. Be kind to yourself and don't let others put pressure on you. Now is the time to look after yourself for the best outcome in the long-term. Those are my views anyway.

Best of luck.

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fibrogirl41 in reply to happytulip

hi thank you ❤️ that is very kind x I will do that and soon hopefully will be able to get back to my hydrotherapy sessions x

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So sorry for your loss. I got covid in March. I am now so exhausted that I'm struggling with everything. My doctor thinks I may have long-covid and has referred me to the covid clinic. Don't know how or if that will help but we'll see.

I hope things improve for you soon. 🤗

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fibrogirl41 in reply to Piddlysmam

hi thank you ❤️ I hope they do for you too x

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First off I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. ❤️ Secondly yes the fatigue can be heavy but with what you are going through that is no surprise. Sending lots of thoughts your way

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fibrogirl41 in reply to Rob-Fibro

thank you ❤️ I hope I will be okay soon x still feeling knackered x

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Rob-Fibro in reply to fibrogirl41

I bet you do take good care

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