Seeing Red!!!

Arrrggghhh. Last night I was driving home after a busy day at work and picking my eldest up from her Auntie's and I must have run a red light as I got flashed when going through the traffic lights. I have major fatigue at the moment and I must have got my timings wrong. I thought I had nipped through on amber but my reactions must have been slower than I thought and I must have crossed the line as they changed to red. I am so annoyed with myself!! I have never so much as had a parking ticket now it looks like three points on my licence and a £60 fine, Lord knows where that will come from. I wouldn't mind but when I am fatigued I do drive differently so I drive extra careful, what was I thinking?! I know I just have to suck it up because after all I must have gone through a red light which is v. bad! The old me would never ever have done such a thing. I would stick my head in the oven if it weren't for the fact it is electric. Instead I will have to do with hitting myself on my forehead with a clenched fist while reciting over and over again 'stupid stupid stupid'.

I know this error was the fibro me and not the old me but why oh why can't I just have the old me back! It's like pregnancy (only a lot worse of course) - permanently knackered and with a brain of mush. At least with pregnancy you get something nice at the end of it. I am just going to have a fine, points, and a husband rolling his eyes at me.

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  • Oh dear - what a nuisance for you, melody!

    It could have been worse - you might have been injured or even killed, but you've escaped with a fine. Never mind your hubby rolling his eyes - I'm sure he would expect your sympathy if it happened to him!

    If you have trouble finding the £60, the police will usually let you pay in installments, I believe.

    I'm sure you will be extra, extra careful in future, but if you are feeling particularly bad, it might be best to let someone else (hubby?) do the picking up and dropping off, or even consider public transport to work if that's possible - just for a few days.

    Don't hit yourself on the head or call yourself stupid, 'cos you're not. I think you should give yourself a treat for being brave! :)

    Love ..Moffy xxx

  • Thanks Moffy

    Ooer yes if I could pay in installments that would help, will look at that when the dreaded thing comes through the post. I was dreaming about it all last night - think I need to up the night meds - so ironically am now even more fatigued! Am working at home today so I don't have to drive in - it's all such a vicious circle, vicious being the operative word. Yes hitting myself on the head isn't one of my better ideas, just made a nice cup of tea and might have a bit of choccy with it! x

  • some forces offer a red light course just like a speed awareness course i know merseyside do. Of course you have to pay but no points x

  • Hiya

    yes I was hoping this might be the case - I would sort of feel dirty having 3 points on my otherwise unblemished record LOL! Maybe my fibro self could become some sort of underground, naughty alter ego and I could just blame my rebellion on the fibro. Mmmmn now there's a thought....

  • Hi

    If it makes you feel better, I did the same a few years ago but the camera there doesn't flash. It was a real shock when it came through the post. Even worse when I had to confess to hubby!! I was on my way home from work and like you thought I had gone through on amber. I had to pay up and had the points ( holds head in shame) but after 3 or 4 years they are removed.

    Moffy's suggestions are best I think. If you are feeling foggy it's probably best to get someone else to drive.

    Big hugs Karen xxx

  • Thanks, that does make me feel better, not the fact you got caught too but that I am not alone in my shame! And yes, at least I will be prepared when it comes through the post. I have yet to fess up to the hubby, partly as I am still hoping it didn't happen and partly because I am fed up of being a numpty wife! I can hear his words already.. 'What have you done now?' He won't be angry, it's just another thing to add to the long list of stupid things I have done or said recently. I used to be quite intelligent and have loads of common sense, now I have the capabilities of an amoeba (and I used to be able to spell ameoba too).

  • Awww I am sending big sympathetic hugs. That's the same sort of answer I got too, sometimes I hoped he'd get caught too so I could say the same to him.

    You are not a numpty wife, think of all those so called celebs that get caught! You're an amoeba and I have the memory of a goldfish! Now what were we talking about ;-)

    Karen xxx

  • Thanks for the hugs Karen. They are appreciated. Hey yes, I am not just an amoeba, I now rank with the celebrity amoebas. Whooo hoo. The only way is up I guess. I may even reach goldfish status like you. I must look up how you actually spell amoeba...

  • I,m afraid I had to give up driving my meds all say can make you sleepy do not drive and of course the can in my case is DOES, fortunately because of this issue I got a disabled bus pass, the bus stop is outside my house and on a good day it's a real blessing as it saves taxis everytime it rains

    Hope you find a way to pay or an alternative

    Fingers crossed

    VG x

  • Hi VG. Thanks for the fingers crossed - we will find a way, I'm sure. Might ask the hubby if he can do overtime this week (though of course I will has to fess up then). I only take meds at night, for now anyway (except for over counter stuff in the day) - lord there's a thought, what would I be like if I took them in the day too. Oh no!! Can you actually get lower than an amoeba?? Just when I had aspirations to reach goldfish status.....


  • Personally I think fibro fog counts as lower than an amoeba , yesterday I dropped a knife in my kitchen... I had it in my hand I heard it hit the floor all the units have base boards there is no way I could possibly have lost that knife ,,,,, but its gone even my OH couldn't find it ... He thinks I imagined it.... But I can't have cos the knife IS missing

    I even checked the bins in case I threw it away, but even that isn't as bad as tumble drying the carrots ......

    VG x

  • LOL, yes I do that all the time, drop things then can't find them! Have you looked under the fridge? Or maybe you picked it up and forgot - I've done that before now! Did you really tumble dry carrots? I must have missed that blog, will have to tell the hubby that one maybe he will forgive me running the red light after all!!

  • Hi all I haven't run any red lights as unfit to drive and can't use buse as they throw me about to much, but my hubby got done for speeding he thought it was a 40 zone but it wasn't it was 30 he was doing 33 he got flashed he was on his motorbike, which has since been stolen, anyway they made him go on a course for speeding and pay a fine, he was gutted he had never had a ticket before. His not on any meds that make him woolly headed but as you see it can happen to anyone, I would tell you oh before he finds out on his own, anyhoo good luck and gentle hugs all around. Sithy

  • Aw, thanks for the hugs. I suppose it can happen to anyone, you are right, and thanks for putting it into perspective. I think when it comes to having fibro you do so many stupid things that when you do a big stupid thing like this it is just amplified and you forget that everyone makes mistakes. Hubby will be fine I'm sure, it's me that has the issue, just don't want to admit (to myself more than him) that I am now officially an amoeba. MP x

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