Well here we are finally with the fibro diagnosis. Saw my daughters consultant yesterday and she made it official I am kind of glad in a way as at least we know but obviously upset for my daughter whose only 21. The consultant said to carry on with the medication she's on at the moment which isn't really helping but we go back to her in a few weeks. My question is she started gabapentin a while back I wondered what sort of dosage other people take I am on this myself for nerve damage so I am familiar with this drug it's not really working for her at the moment but I know with everything it is finding the level that's good for her. At the moment she takes 500mg a day. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as obviously this is all new to use

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  • Hello frankie2010 , I am sorry to hear your daughter has been confirmed as having fibro. I am sure you can relate to her shock and disappointment as a sufferer yourself.

    I am sorry I cannot help with the dosage of Gabapentin, it is such an individual thing, but I know some members take a much higher dose to get relief.

    Her doctor may suggest an increase or could suggest she tries Pregabelin, a sister drug to Gabapentin. Medication for fibro is very much trial and error unfortunately.

    Perhaps you could suggest your daughter signs up to the forum herself, as we have many younger sufferers who are going through the same. The mother site is useful for information if your daughter wishes to know more.

    Looking forward to seeing you both around the forum.


  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I will get her to sign up and take a look at the website. Thanks

  • Hi there I was wondering does anyone else have this or similar symptoms, as I have fm and feel my daughter has alot of symptoms, my auntie also had fm....

  • Hi there looloo4007 it's good to meet you, May I suggest you start a new post to ask any questions so that any answers do not get mixed up with replies to this post. It would be a big help thank you xx


  • I was actually replying to frankies 2010 post above so this is the right page, re her daughter having fm as my daughter may also be going down the same path as myself..

  • Oh I am sorry I misunderstood your post my apologies I must be brain fogged to today well most days lol

    I am so sorry your daughter may be suffering with fibro have you talked to her GP about it yet ? It is awful to see our children suffer I do hope she does not have fibro. xx


  • No problem, no not yet we are just hoping she doesn't have it, I am very worried though but I don't say that to my daughter she is less of a worrier than I am, she doesn't have kids yet which is when alot of my symptoms got worse!

  • I wish both you and your daughter all the best looloo4007 I also noticed mine started after I had the 2 kids. But as we know it can effect us all in very many different ways. I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  • same to you x

  • Hi there frankie2010 it's nice to meet you. Sorry I can not offer any advice on pain medication sorry. But I can understand the relief you and your daughter must feel at finally getting a diagnoses.

    I see our lovely admin Creativeness1 as already given you the information on how to lock your posts. You may wish to do that now and for all futer posts. This will ensure it does not go on to the world wide web as Lesley as already said. Also it may generate more member replies if they see you post as been locked. If you need help to do this here is a link xx


  • Hi frankie2010

    I sincerely hope that both you and your daughter are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have never taken Gabapentin myself as I use a similar medication called Pregabalin. I find this helpful to a certain degree. I want to sincerely wish you both all the best of luck and please take care of yourselves my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you the both of you


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