Fibro fog

Hi everyone just wanted to ask ! since being diagnosed with fibro I find that when I am writing the words come out jumbled and I have to keep going back and checking what I have written and, more to the point I find when I am speaking sometimes the sentence comes out jumbled as well.please can I have your thoughts on this ! I have enough to deal with being in pain evry day and trying to work.The strange thing about this is you don't realise your doing it kimxx

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  • Hi hun I just wanna say love your not alone I am fibro sufferer as well and I am constantly in pain along with fibrofog fatigue and short memory clumsiness and other ailments it's all to do with fibromyalgia so I'm sending you gentle hugs. Ros xoxox

  • HI Ross nice to hear from you, :)

    You ok as you have not been around for a while? :O hugs sue

  • Thanks Ros hugs to you too x

  • HI kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkimy yes fibro fog ,or to give it its propper name cognative disfunction is a right pain in the backside.

    It causes speach problems, memory loss difficoties rcalling simple words aswell as typing and spelling problems,

    you do learn to live with it and alot of us find that laughter is a good cure for embassament .

    Yuo are not alone I have left this reply without any corrections. just to prove it .

    Hugs sue xx

  • Thanks sue, its just that lunch time at work yesterday on a few occasions when I wa speaking to people my sentences were coming out all Juuuummbled and I felt embarrassed you would think I was on the whiskey lol ! however its nice to com on this site to be able to relate to people who understand kim x

  • I once walked into an office and tried to say something. In fact I tried to say three different somethings. Not even I could understand one word of what I was saying.

    So I burst out laughing, took a bow and left the room.

    After a time if you don`t let it upset you It becomes part of your personality .

    With strangers I laugh and say something like, oops tongue not working or I might say Brain not working today, stupid illness,

    but still laugh.

    It is the laughter that stops it becoming an awkward situation.

    Hugs sue xxx

  • Hi.

    yes I do the same too. It's frustrating and embarrassing but very Fibro! Read enough of the stuff I put here and you'll see words missing, spelling very weird and words that just don't belong.



  • Thanks for your support Jilly xx

  • Hi have the problem of wanting my input into a conversation while I remember it because it will have gone from my memory if I wait though even this does not guarantee getting all in the right order or sidetracked.

    It identifies friends quite quickly as they understand and alienates the rest that do not, their loss as we are still the same people that were able to communicate conventionally.

  • Same as you Ian, if i dont say it straight away the thought is gone and i end up mute !

  • I tend to butt into a conversatuion becasue if I dont say what I want to say there and then aI'v forgotten what it was I was thinking.

  • I am holding my hands up too :o Sometimes I have to shout too :o

    Guilty as charged................. it is so frustrating! and it's worse when people keep butting into what I'm saying because I forget what I'm talking about then too :o

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • My husband often tells me to listen to what the Dr is saying before I say anything but thats impossible, I have to say what I have to say there and then, thats why I take him in with me so he can listen to her and yes I'm always getting told I'm shouting.

    Feather hugs

    Pat. xx

  • I'm chuckling Pat :)

    It's the opposite when I see my GP I have to tell him my bit first, which is difficult because I can never remember even if I take notes with me. I curse my brain when I'm sitting in front of him it's a good job he knows my tendencies LOL I end up with telephone consults because I get home and remember that important thing I went to see him about :o LOL

    Fluffie hugs for you

    :) xxx sian xxx :)

  • This is getting really funny because when it get's to the point of conversation I cant remember the word I'm looking for, so I start describing it,( like it's round and its sharp and it opens things and its hard to turn) get it? a tin opener, good fun though, I come out with all sorts of things, like It's oblongyyyy things you eat it it comes in a tin, it has red sauce over it , you can have it on toast, and I cant think for the life of me what it is, this is a good game. hahahaha

    feather hugs Pat xx Have you got it yet?????

  • Beans :D had to think there Pat :)

    or sardines in tommy sauce which the hubby likes :o

    Pass the thingy is a good one or even pointing at my cup and saying please :D

    Then I get given a choice which throws me and I have to decide what I want to drink that's often difficult :o Hubby stands and tuts impatiently.......... which makes it harder :)

  • Wet stuff that comes out of the sky,

    Hey we could start a game of guess the object :P

  • heheheh we'd be here a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time

    ;) ;) ;)

  • What's a fibromites most fearful game?

    Any with rules :D

  • Scramble.

  • hehehehehehe or twister :P

  • Yes Ian :) ditto :)

    I agree with you about the friends part too :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Kimey007 :)

    Welcome to the forum and I hope you will find us all friendly and helpful :)

    I get the FOG quite bad at times just like you have described and when typing it can take an eternity correcting all the mistakes. I used to be so good with Language but now have to triple check everything I write and even then it doesn't come out the way it is supposed to :o

    Speaking sometimes is a no-no as I find I can't get words past my tongue so end up pointing and playing charades :) Fortunately my Hubby seems to understand most of the time but other people don't and I'm sure that they think I'm just being ignorant.

    Hey Ho though!, we know different and hopefully we can help you learn about this illness and how it affects us as members as well as pointing you in the direction for advice and information. I don't know if you have already been given the link to our Mother site already but just in case here it is You will find a warren of information there regarding all things Fibro and there's all the useful FAQ's which you'll find on the right of your screen too which contain useful links.

    I hope the FOG eases for you soon, mine doesn't tend to stay around for days but in spits and spurts but I don't know if it is the same for everyone. I exercise my brain with logic and strategy games and have since managed to become a bit of a gamer not sure if that's good or not!! :o

    Out of curiosity have you started any new medication recently just because sometimes they can give us that feeling too especially some high level pain meds and antidepressants. If it becomes bothersome it may be worthwhile having a chat with your GP about how it is affecting your daily life as they may be able to help you, plus it is a good idea to try and log down when these events occur in a diary or log book as it comes in handy when trying to explain things to the doctor :) If you experience something new talking to your GP, again, is a very good idea and despite what we all get told frequently it is not always just the Fibro :)

    Fibro fog busting Fluffie hugs for you and sorry that I can't help you stop it from happening :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thanks sian for all your advice and support ! It really helps to talk and share with people who totally understand where your coming from hugs xx

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    Fluffie hugs

    xxx sian

  • Hi kimey007

    I am so sorry to read that you are struggling like this but I can assure you that you are not alone and we can all relate to what you are going through. I would say however, if this persists or gets any worse, you really should discuss the issue with your GP just to rule anything else out and to keep your GP up to date with how you are getting along.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks so much ken x

  • Hi kimey Alsohave this problem when I read these pages I have to keep going back and reading as forget what I am replying to as for my speech I am always jumdlel my words sorry short need matches tokeep eye lids open had bad night xx

  • I have trouble driving. Well not trouble driving as such but it's as though I have a time delay and end up on the wrong road then remembering where I'm going and then having to double back to get in the right direction. Mum thinks its hilarious she's 75 and gets a different trip out everyday. X

  • Hi Everyone,

    Reading all the comments is hilarious - wow I can so identify . The good news is that they have tested (proven) that the fibrofog does NOT end up in Alzheimer, which was always my biggest fear. Some fibromites have found that taking LDN will eradicate (help) with the fibrofog, but it takes some time of taking them. I have been on LDN 2 months and sleep like a baby now - big progress :)

  • hi kimey 007

    yes my words come out jumled and gets worce the tireder i get, i have to keep going back & checking what i have written i either miiss lrtters out or put too many letters in the words .when speaking always forgetting words ,places etc i used to have a relly good memory people used to comment on the amount of things i could remember so i finnd the fibro fog a great nuisance more so when it first started to happen i have had fibro for 6 years now plus other complaints iam constanly in pain which makes fibro fog more of a problem .sending you hugs & lavenser fluffiesxx

  • Hi lilian68 Thankyou so much for your support xx

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