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Morning all, hope you are feeling as well as possible today.

Has anyone benefited from chiropractic treatment? My lower back pain has increased a lot over the last year and the stretches I was given to do by the physio only work for a couple of hours then I tighten up again. I have checked with the GP who thinks it’s a good idea. I’m a bit tentative because it’s very physical!

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Hi Furry. I tried a chiropractor for lower back pain - very expensive and didn’t really help at all. But I guess it depends on who you see and how you respond. It’s not fair to generalise - we are all very different.

Good luck. Xxx

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Furry in reply to saluhouse

Thanks for your reply, I agree,very expensive xx

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saluhouse in reply to Furry

Hi Furry. Actually the chiropractor I saw was a bit sneaky. She insisted I paid upfront for 10 weekly sessions - cost a lot of money. I didn’t keep count of how many times I had been - and she let it run over without telling me. Then presented me with another bill!

Of course It was my fault - but I did feel a bit aggrieved - especially as the treatment was little more than a massage.

Actually I am seeing an osteopath at the moment (paying week by week!) and I think he is actually helping my back a bit.

Good luck xxx

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Furry in reply to saluhouse

Thanks for replying, that is a very sneaky thing to do! I’m glad the osteopath is helping a bit, hope you get more relief, I think I’ll go for one appointment and see how it goes from there xx

Couldn’t survive without my chiropractor. Wish I could afford to go more often. At first I needed a few days between each appointment because the muscle memory would eventually return to old habits. Now I’m able to go every couple months for top up. During lockdown I missed several and my body hasn’t forgiven me. Trying now to get back to where I was. I come out feeling amazing and about 2 inches taller😁. Like all treatments there are good and bad practitioners it’s trial and error finding one to suit and who understands fibro the way my chiropractor does.

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Furry in reply to Dinkie

Glad you get some relief from your chiropractor. I did wonder about the muscle memory thing, have the feeling I’ll need quite a bit of undoing!

I hope you get back to feeling where you were soon. Can I ask, does your chiropractor do soft tissue work as well as adjustments? It seems that a lot just do adjustments and manipulation. Xx

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Dinkie in reply to Furry

Always soft tissue massage pressure according to fibro that day. He also uses a massage machine with intensity control that I can decide how intense and for how long. The manual soft tissue treatment is last and biofreeze gel is massaged in. It’s amazing and I really look forward to my sessions although the bone crunching bit is my least favourite bit.

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Furry in reply to Dinkie

That sounds amazing! No wonder you feel better after. It’s good that he obviously listens to you and works around how you are feeling that day. Great stuff 👍 xx

Yes , I’ve found a chiropractor very helpful over the years, though I’ve not been since lockdown, as said it’s all trial and error .

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Furry in reply to Arymretep

Thanks for replying, I’m going to give it a go,like you say trial and error xx

My GP wasn't keen on me seeing me seeing chiropractor as he felt the treatment would be too strong for me and suggested gentle massage would be better. I did try that but unfortunately that made my fibro flare. The only relief I found was with acupuncture by a Chinese medicine practitioner. Good luck if you try it.

I used to see a Chiropractor regularly and I couldn't have managed without her at the time. I loved the feeling afterwards and it kept me from seizing up all the time. Unfortunately she moved away so I went to another one who wasn't as good. I'd say it's worth a try.

I had chiropractic treatment for many years for unexplained pain long before a fibro diagnosis. It depends where your problem lies. I have scoliosis so the treatment helped for that but for fibro I find keeping my whole body supple is more beneficial using yoga stretches and similar.If you have something amiss with your spine then I would try chiropractic treatment.

I regularly use a’spinal manipulator’ who trained as a McTimoney chiropractor... very gentle technique without the aggression of some chiropractors and don’t for eg take xrays. She is not allowed to title herself chiropractor anymore refusing to join the merged professional association. I do have a chronic spine problem, but find treatment helps with more general fibro problems like rib aches too. Definitely worth a try if you can find the right person.

I am having chiropractic at a clinic recommended by my GP. I have four compression fractures in my spine with no osteoporosis. I don't go every week. It is less brutal than osteopathy. I pay £43 for each 20-minute session. It does help but I'm my own worse enemy.

Thanks for all your replies, I’m going to give it a go, but make sure they understand about fibromyalgia and how tender we feel before I let them loose on me. Take care all xx

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