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nice weekend

went to windsor barracks at weekenmd for a nice lunch in the mess fantastic food, wasnt too bad over an hour drive (hubby drove) but was a bit stiff when we got there managed quiet well but i had to drive home as hubby had been drinking again managed it but foot was painful and hands had swollen uo by the time i got home but had a fab time was worth the pain just o have a day out not had one of those for a long long time

and after 2 weeks late i finally came on this morning!!

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Why is it that hubby's will drive us there, and then drink so we are forced to drive back when we're at our most vulnerable? lol one of these days I'm going to pull over for a nap before I continue our journey home.

Glad you had a brilliant weekend though :)

Hugs - Spirit xxx


I've been really lucky lately, as my husband made a real effort for my 40th birthday last week. He took me out for a fantastic meal, which was the first for longer than I can remember! It was nice to have an excuse to put on make-up and get dressed to go out somewhere. I was totally wiped out by the time we got home, but it was entirely worth it. On the other hand, the surprise party he threw a couple of days earlier was a different matter! I just wanted a quiet night, to take my tablets and chill on the sofa and go to bed whenever I felt like it. It was not to happen! Love him and my friend who organised it but it was the last thing I wanted to do that night!


I am lucky to have a wife who very rarely drinks and since I have had fibro (12years) I only have a couple of glasses of wine at most. Most times when we go out I try to drive there and my wife drives back. Sometimes she suprises me when we get into the car to go out. She has already decided I am not well enough to drive and takes the keys off me.

She doesn't believe in mollycoddling me and never asks how am I but if I need to say its not a good day she is there for me.

I think it's called love.


well said christine,retired pharm and kestrelflyer glad u have good support from your other halves. Spirit i make him drive both ways lol xxxx


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