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What a weekend this will be...


So I have been in hospital 4 days. I've got Pancriatitis as well as a Duadenal Ulcer. I've been taken off all my meds for my R/A as my liver function is very high... im going to my caravan and not moving till Sunday..not that I can move anyway as my neck is stiff and i ache all over. No stress and I hope you all have a nice weekend...

Thank you for all the warm hearted wishes to me for over the weekend.. I lay up in my jamies and did nothing. I didn't sleep well so was a tad grumpy. I remind myself of my grandmother. Lol.. I'm stiff and sore with nodules in my neck and hands. My doc is to ring me today after seeing the blood results and we'll take it from there.. have a nice day..



my doc didn't ring me so I rang them. My liver was back to a normal count so the doc left a prescription for CO-CODOMOL is he having a laugh 30/500 I had them b4 their like sweets my husband is getting in to them after 2 days and telling them to sort me out as he cant manage me any more he's ill himself with prostate cancer. So upsetting. !!

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I sincerely hope you have a gentle weekend and the sun breaks through this horrid grey cloud.

May you pain be low!

Smiles and hugs to you


Thank you we have SUN !!!!! I love the sun in my sore hands and face its awsome..


Oh I do feel you :( I hope that you can feel a bit more settled and in less pain soon for when you get away to the caravan :)

I was wondering if you practised any relaxation techniques at all to help recharge yourself and heal a little!?!

I would like to give you a couple of links to past relaxation posts of mine and hope they are of use to you and help you you relax and hopefully feel a bit better while you are away :)

This first one gives info and an exercise for Diaphragmatic Breathing which is a useful technique




Hope the links are useful

Wishing you wellness and may the sun come out for you :)

:) xxxsian :)

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Thank you I will see them proper when I get home and have wifi. :)

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:) MIGA :) many fluffies in the meantime for you xxx

Hi MakeItGoAway

I was just checking back in to see how your weekend went? Hope it wasn't too bad?

Take care


Try not to do too much this weekend, and make sure you have a mobile phone and charger in case you need help. Other than that, have a lovely relaxing time warming yourself in the blessed sunshine.


Have a lovely weekend, and may you come back feeling a lot better and fully rested, they say its gonna be lovely sunshine, hope it will be where you are going, take care and rest up....sending you gentle hugs and a handful of lovely sunshine...Dee xx


I am so sorry to read that you are having all these problems at this time, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel some improvement soon. I want to wish you a lovely and pleasant weekend, and please keep us all up to date with how you are getting on.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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