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Weighted blankets


Just had my weighted banket delivered. I was struggling with throbbing arms and legs today. Wrapped myself in it and o can almost feelnit fading away. It really is a hug in a blanket. If any 1 with fibro was vonsidering them because quite a few companies have them on offer for ky part i can heartily recomend

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I love mine ...I wouldn't be without them now xxx

Hi Bruton,

I have one too on my bed and love it. I was apprehensive as I feel pain when i’m touched but it is fab. I am definately getting a better night sleep and it’s so lovely to feel too. I am going to buy a smaller one for the sofa next xx

Hiya,, yours sounds really good,, where did you buy it from please? I bougjt one from Wish but theres no weight in it,, its just a grey slightly fluffy quilt cover.😖😢 Wasted £21.00.

Hi BlueyGreen58,

I bought mine from Kudly, link below. Not the cheapest even though it’s on sale but I wish I had bought 2 now for £89.

It is machine washable, but I haven’t tried yet, it’s so soft to touch and I would say it’s the size of a small double. It does only come in one size but I love it and worth the money. Also onky comes in a 5kg, i’m a largish girl and it was weighted enough for me. Here is the link....


Let me know how you get on if you buy one xx

luckylou52 in reply to Blue1927

I got mine from there too and wish I'd got 2 for £89. It is great but I am so hot in bed at the moment, that I don't have it on the bed. I will put it over my legs in the living room because it is soo bloody cold there!

Blue1927 in reply to luckylou52

Yes I find it warm in bed but have swapped my duvet to the summer one and not as roasting 😊. Glad you like yours and find it helps x

Trinity6611 in reply to Blue1927

I got mine after reading your post and I love it - I to feel pain when touched / cuddled - but it really does sooth ( I took your advice and ordered 2one for sofa one for bed )😊

Blue1927 in reply to Trinity6611

So glad you love it, I spoke to someone last week who couldn’t get on with it so I suppose like everything else, what’s good for one may not be for another. Enjoy your blankets 🤗

couldn't live without mine now. Even when it takes all my effort to re-arrange it, it helps enormously with the insomnia

Hi I found it too heavy I now have a child's one which is much better ☺

I was thinking of getting one might give one a go!🙂

Hi they are amazing, it’s the only way I can sleep sometimes (more often than not) helps so much! Enjoy

I have been looking to get one. Which one do you all have please? :)

Mistyang in reply to Milder

I would like to know this please people, where do we get a good weighted blanket from one that is not too heavy? thank you

Bruton in reply to Mistyang

You may be better with a kiddy one

Mistyang in reply to Bruton

thank you I may well be, I am not that tall anyway lol

Sian10 in reply to Mistyang

Hi I got mine from Amazon for £34 didn’t want to spend a fortune incase it didn’t work it’s nice and fluffy and helps I’m starting to sleep better x

Mistyang in reply to Sian10

Thank you so much Sian I will have a look on Amazon x

Sian10 in reply to Mistyang

This is the one I got I had the heaviest one that they did good luck with your search xx

Bruton in reply to Mistyang

The kiddy one is lighter. My one for the bed has a label saying not suitable for children

Mistyang in reply to Bruton

I may just buy the kiddie one then when my little people are visiting they are not harmed by a big blanket, they often play in the bedroom with their dolls and teddies

Kate3456 in reply to Milder

Hi, I bought mine from home bargains £24 it's 15kg in weight, I keep mine on my bed really good. Reading the comments above I'm thinking of buying a child size for the sofa.

So pleased that you are feeling the benefit of yours already. I wouldn't be without mine now.

They are good value and good quality from Brentfords’. I think the recommended weight is 10% of your body weight. It took me a while to get used to it but I’m glad I persevered 👍🏽

Sounds good, can you use it under the duvet ?

Bruton in reply to Mydexter

Youd be hot. I put it on top of our sheet and hubby folded quilt in half. Might try 2nite

Mydexter in reply to Bruton

Hi, do you mean on top of a top sheet lol, which I do nt use, just the duvet.

Bruton in reply to Mydexter

Yes i put on top of my top sheet. It may be too hot with both. You can sleep justbunder the nlanket

Bruton in reply to Bruton

Well i tried putting it under the duvet. Im thermostatically challenged towards the hot side. Despite drinking lots of wster in the night. Ive got a banging headache. Wish i had woken hubby and changed back to sheet. He was snuggled and dead to world. Conclusion if you are thermostatically challenged towardd being cold you may well love it. If not you probably wont. Hope thsts helped

Mine wass from kuddly. £49. Theyve got the smaller 1s on multiples offer. My faughters brought a bundle with a hoody and sleep mask. Its definately not a light quilt. Best nights sleep fir ages

This is the hoodies that are done

I found an 11kg one on sale from Amazon for £40Absolutely love it and so does my grumpy old staffie.

Stops the leg pain and twitching

Love mine too

Yep, wouldn't be without mine now. Best thing ever! xxx

I’ve just ordered from the link above. 2 for £89, look forward to trying it, hope it works 😁

Ladyatlunch in reply to Marley4

I’m going to order this one also. Perhaps the lighter blanket will just be adequate 😄

Bruton in reply to Ladyatlunch

The 1 ive got is for a bed and is heavy. Bit unruley for downstairs. So ive also ordered 2 for 89. Think a spare will be useful for my daughter and daughter in law whp also have fibro

Ladyatlunch in reply to Bruton

I can’t even lift the one on my bed anymore lol!

That is great it’s working for you. I go through stages of loving mine to then finding it feels too uncomfortable to have it on. It is excellent for anxiety and it’s wonderful to get a big hug off it then. I alternate mine with a heated throw which is lovely and cozy as well.

Enjoy your blanket,

Isabel x

Im really glad i posted this. To find out how many also find it helps and also it seems to have helped people to give them a go. Thanjs every 1

Ladyatlunch in reply to Bruton

I went for the blanket and hoodie combo both in grey in the end. Thank you 😉😄

Thanks for your feed back on the blanket just ordered one ... much needed for helping me sleep too

I’d thoroughly recommend a weighted blanket too. It really does help to soothe the pain. I’ve had the best night’s sleep in years!

I absolutely love my weighted blanket. I don't quite know how they work but they do. Wouldn't be without it.


Just got my first 10lb child size one. Somebody already loves it. Hopefully I will too tonight!


Wow, so curious about these blankets! But I have a big problem with any touch hurting. Eg can't have anything on my lap ( even my own hands) is it hurts too much, can't wear my glasses cos it hurts, bra straps hurt....Do you think with my pain levels this could still benefit? Many thanks in advance! I was so impressed to hear it has helped many, but don't want to waste money if am not a good candidate.

Bruton in reply to sherrisix

Sorry had a bad fibro day yesterday. I think kudd.ly do a 30 day money back guarantee. I cant stand things lightl touchingg me. Or things like tight sleeves. Because of the weight you dont get that sensation. Id sugest finding 1 with a 30 day trial. That way youve lost nothing. Good luck

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