Re Brutans morphin patch

Has anyone had a reaction to them if so did you come off them slowly or just stop them, I've been on them for 3months now, and have developed a very bad reaction to them, I have to come off them slowly but not sure i can wait another three weeks coming of them it itches so much and the red ness is now outside the patch too, would I get much of a Withdrawal if I stopped right now, I've stopped the 5patch I only have the 10 mig patch on now, I'm in a dilemma just don't know what to do, help!!! Hugs to all....Dee xx

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  • Hi there

    I was on Butrans and had a reaction to the adhesive, getting very sore skin. I think once you have started with a reaction it seems to just keep happening, and seems to escalate with no amount of steroid cream managing the problem. I would feel as if I was being stung by bees underneath the patch and like you the redness was spreading beyond the margin of the patch. I was on very large patches (the 72 mg or the one above that, I can't remember now) about 5 years ago now but my doctor then moved me to Fentanyl patches not just because of the irritation but also because the Fentanyl is more effective for me as pain relief. Although I am now on extremely high doses of this - I use 3 patches to make up the dose - they do not seem to irritate me in the same way at all and give me fairly good cover although I am also taking Tramadol. The only problem I have with the Fentanyl patches is that they do fall off occasionally, but this is a small price to pay for the cover they give without the irritation, I'm just vigilant and check the patches are still on frequently. You don't say how your pain is now you are reducing the Butrans? If you find you are able to manage your pain relief without the use of patches then maybe this will work better for you...? There are so many intricate combinations of pain relief available and it's a matter of getting it personally tailored for YOU that it important - what works for one person doesn't for another.

    Taking something opiate based liked Tramadol may reduce the symptoms you are getting withdrawing from the patches prescribed. I'm quite sure your doctor would be willing to discuss the right medication to help you both manage the pain and the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing. No everyone suits Tramadol but your GP would know if you are able to take them - they can react badly with certain anti-depressants so you wouldn't be advised to take them if you are on medication of that nature - but do go for a chat... Your doctor is really the very best person to help you with this.

    All the best. xx

  • Thank you for the reply Celtic, the doctor that took the trouble to work on me for over a year and get things right and the first doct in the 50 yes ive had, this to listen to me has now left the surgery, and when I see this other doctor she has told me theres nothing else

    Iike these patches that I could try....I'm on tramadol, gabapentin, sertralin and co codamol as a back up it doesn't take the pain away infact it's getting worse so the other doctor said lets try the butrans they were helping but unfortunately I'm allergic to them....hugs..Dee x

  • Hi again

    It may well be that Fentanyl would be unsuitable... but if you are still in pain then I'd try to see to if you can either change GP or maybe go to another in the same practice? Sorry if you have already done that but with an on-going illness such as this you really need a good GP. In this I am so very fortunate, she's been amazing, truly amazing. I've suffered under the care of bad doctors, doctors who won't listen and doctors who would rather write prescriptions than actually LISTEN to you. To get the right medication you really do need to get the right doctor!! I'm so sorry that you are finding that so difficult. Getting a good GP is a real lottery, not at all fair. Would you perhaps find the strength to go back and ask if there is anything else that could be useful in your pain management? Sometimes it takes more than one or two or even three visits before they start to take notice. Not right but I've found a fact. Every good wish, CM

  • Hi Dee,

    I was on Butrans 10mg patches and doing really well on them,

    and like you, I developed a reaction to them after 6 wks. My Dr said to stop them immediately. She said to start back on Tramadol 400mg a day. I was also taking 2 Paracetamol 4 X daily & Amytriptiline 50mgs at night. For the first few days I felt a bit anxious & jittery, but it wasn't too bad. I have a few conditions, but Fibro is the only one that causes pain, and I have to say it flared a little, but settled down. It took 6wks for the redness & itching to go away. I hope this helps you, but as you know, we are all different, and it might be better to speak to your Dr. Whatever your decision Dee, I hope you don't suffer too much coming off them.

    Good-luck GJ. XX

  • please talk to your gp before stopping any medication.

    I only tried one low dose patch and had such a severe reaction I had to remove it.

  • Hi I am on 150 mg patches I had a bad reaction to the burtrans patch so my doctor changed it to dtrans / fenternal patches which are fine no reaction at all

    And I have been on them now for a very long time as well as other meds

    Hope this helps

  • Hi there

    I was on these patches for 4 months but then had a really bad reaction like you. My skin became inflammed and very sore. I also started to have hot flushes. Most unpleasant! In the end I had to come straight off them and was given zoromorph 10 mg x2 instead. I also asked to be re-referred to the pain management service. Good luck.

  • Hi, please get your gp to supervise you coming off them because I really found it difficult.

    I was put on longtec tablets and they are much better for me, my gp also gave me the liquid for breakthrough pain and I feel a lot better now, take care xxxx

  • Hi I had the same reaction I stopped immediately and went docs few days later he never said anything about HAVEING to stop slowly I just stopped but I suggest you see your doctor for clarification .

  • Thank you all so much for your replies, it seems strange that my doctor reckons that there is nothing else I can try that may help, and yet you guys have come up with different ones I could try, have to be honest she didnt try looking, and people wonder why I don't have much trust in doctors, it's just a heartbreaking shame the doctor I come to trust over the past 18 months and for the first time in my life, really took the trouble to sort me out left a week before Christmas, ....but thank you every for taking the trouble to reply...gentle hugs ...Dee xx

  • hi im on 30mg of butran patches i do get terrible itching under the patches i started out on 5mg and as the pain has increased i have had the patch strenth upped they are currently not working at all im in horrendous pain and having to top up with paracetamol my gp has told me he doesnt want me to go much higher than 40mg so im dreading going back to see him but your post has been a help to me as i have noted done some names of some other peoples meds who have replied to you.i cant advise you wether to stop straight away i cant remember what my gp said but think i may have to stop soon and try something else all the best joanne x

  • Hi joe, I'm also on tramadol, gabapentin, sertralin and co codamol as a back up, so I've now decided to down it myself, I was on 15 so this weekend I'm going down to 10 for two weeks then 5for two weeks, and whilst doing that I shall up the gabapentin as I have a way to go before I'm on the highest dose, to be perfectly honest although the patches were helping me I can do without the hot n cold sweats, I have enough of the hot flushes with the fibro without them too, also the itching driving me nuts and its so sore and hot, which in my mind is bad because they say don't put any heat on the patch as it makes the morphine go thru quicker, and in my mind not hope you get yourself sorted are you on any other medication other than the patches ??? ....gentle hugs to you...Dee xx

  • hi thankyou for your reply no im not on any other meds just the occasional paracetamol 35mg patches they seem to work for awhile when i have then increased and then its as if i gert immune to them and they stop working so think its time for another visit to the gp to have them increased again the itching and hot flushes arnt very plesent but if the pain in taken away for even a short time then i can cope with the side affects jo x

  • Ask you GP if you can have something else along side the patches if you think you want to stay with the patches, majority of fibro sufferers seem to be on a small cocktail of pills , gabapentine or pregbalin which are the same family are very good for fibro, I think most doctors put you on them first...anyway it's worth mentioning to your GP, good luck. Keep us posted as to how you get on, hugs...Dee x

  • Get your doc to let you try the dtrans patch (fentenal) and possibly an anti histamine to stop the itching good luck

  • Hi there footsteps, I was given the Btrans patch, is this not the same, I was also given antihistamines , which helped the allergy to the plaster but the morphine area was just one raised square sore ans well as itchy and each patch area would take around two weeks to heal then still left the area red and a very dry patch, I would dearly like to try so etching similar as I believe they helped if only a little, but according to this doctor ( mine has left ) there isn't anything else, if my patches weren't the same as those you suggested I will see the doc again and try for them...look forward to reading your a answer...Dee x

  • I had the very same problem they left my skin sore and itchy the time the site started to heal it left me with red rough skin . Doc messed around with different dosage, s etc but rheumatologist doc needed to see me due to flare ups and changed the make of my patch up the dose and frequency I changed it and it as made a big differenc .

  • Morning kezx69, what is the make of your patches that the doc changed them to....thanx for your answer in advance.....hugs..... Dee x

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