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Sleeping pills?


I'm really not sleeping my brain is buzzing all night long I sleep once the other week for 4 hours as I'm on duloxotine but I just can't stand this insomnia is any one takking sleeping tablets to help I can't handle it much more??? I can't do herbal as it doesn't touch sides xxxxx

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Hello lolabaker, I am prescribed zopiclone they come in either 3.75mg or 7mg I think and as long as you don’t use them every night, say once or twice a week maximum I find they do help. The doctor may not give you many at a time because for some they can be addictive. Worth a chat with your GP perhaps?

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Thanks it's just to much now x

Hi Lola, GP has started me on phenergan 25mg it's antihistamines. Makes me more drowsy than proper sleep.

Not tried anything else yet X

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Thanks hun

Morning honey 🥰

I take Amitriptyline and have done for about 18 months now but I also take my night Pregabalin with this. I slept maybe 2 hours a night before and if your like me no sleep equals no functioning and so irritable 😠.

I don’t have any after effects I take them at 6.00 pm and I am up at 5.30 am refreshed which means I can handle the pain for the day.

I also do meditation and breathing exercises to calm my mind ok it’s not for everyone but I am a great believer in it it certainly works for me.

Hope this helps

Love Panda 🐼🥰💜

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I really need to give it a shot with meditation x

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Honestly I was sceptical but I thought give it a go honestly like today when my pain is horrendous I do a few total body scan meditation and obviously it doesn’t take the pain away but it clears my head and off I go again with the day x

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Yeah il try that anxiety is a horrible. Thing xx

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And the insomnia x

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I am on the same meds as panda, most of the time I sleep but when I don’t sleep I’m awake for 3+ days which sounds impossible. I do meditate & sometimes it’s a real struggle. The doctors gave me sleeping tablets but they are rubbish! I never feel refreshed in the morning and I think that’s because I have the wrong type of mattress.

I also have Himalayan salt baths once or twice a week and a Himalayan salt lamp in my bedroom.

Panda1968 in reply to llrockon

llrockon, I have just purchased a memory foam mattress topper if you share your bed you can get individual ones so my husband has his own and I have mine it’s been a god send it’s has a cover and both sides are different I also sleep with a 9ft body pillow which really helps with the pressure points when your pain is 247 🥰

Panda, that’s really good to know. My GP took me off pregabalin and out me in amitrityline, which i’ve been taking for well over a year now and sometimes it doesn’t work and i have to be up at 5:30. I will speak to my GP again and see what she says. Thanks.

CB 🤗

Honestly the two together do help me, I always take it at 6 but if I fancy a lie in I take it later it takes me about 2 hours for them both to work I am on 50 Pregabalin and 50 Amitriptyline 🐼🥰

I too take Zoplicone 3.75mg and am allowed 2 tablets every week. It gives me another couple of hours of sleep. They never used to affect me but I think having them in addition to all the other medication I am on I tend to have a very muzzy head the next day but worth it for a bit of respite from the pain.

Some people have found a antihistamine has helped, the sort that leave you drowsy or melatonin which can be prescribed by your doctor.

Good luck in finding something that helps.x

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Thank u I have just got some from my doc I'm scared to take it with duloxotine hope il be OK god bless xxx

Hi I used to be on many different drugs a number for my depression over the years and I was on duloxotine for that and to help with the pain but eventually it wasn’t helping as much and the side affects of night sweats I couldn’t stand it. A psychiatrist didn’t want me taking anymore anti depressants and I went on to melatonin to help me sleep. I’ve been on it for over a year now and honestly it’s helped so much I’m not saying when I’m bad I won’t struggle but I definitely have a much better sleeping pattern because of it and I cope better. I also liked not having to take loads of pills at the time. Well until new things became wrong and now I’m on more pills. Hope You find something that works for you.

I alternate when needed between Zoplicone and Temaze.

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Thanks molly felt better I only get 2 hours a night with out it then it's alarm clock kids school and I'm a walking corpse in pain I need to.sleep felt better last night as I slept from 10 till 8 normally it's 10 till 2 then restless legs and buzzing head all night xx

Mollycooper11 in reply to Hidden

I'm just so sorry. That has got to be so hard xx

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