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Bed Comforts?

What do people use for bed comforts? Not long after this Fibro arrived in my life, I ended up buying a mattress topper as I was getting so uncomfortable during the night and tossing and turning too many times. I'd end up so tired in the morning.

This has helped quite a bit, but towards the end of last year I started getting the burning (thighs) mentioned in another post, so I bought a bed pillow from Argos. I just admit it has been very good at re-aligning my body. I still have to turn over because there are only so many positions I can sleep in.

For me the night for pain can be just as bad as during the day, so are there any other useful sleeping tips? I just wish I could get a decent nights sleep, but I guess that'll never happen with Fibro.

Oh, and I do take Melatonin when I need knocked out!

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Comfortable mattress, supportive pillows at the right height for side-lying and a pillow between my knees. I do also have Hypermobility Syndrome, which was worsened slightly by pregnancy.

Are you not on any regular treatments to improve sleep quality? This should be a priority with treating Fibro.


I think that's the problem for me too, as I work full-time and I am so tired and exhausted, take too much pain stuff. But I use mindfulness to get through the day. It's a difficult one isn't it...xx


i too have suffered with this. i have now bought a memory foam mattress topper. absolute bliss. however my best nights sleep are in my daughters bed - which is a memory foam mattress from 'Dreams' in Newbury. i went there and laid on every combination of mattress and topper - i had a great time and came out very relaxed!! Staff were really helpful. xx


i can't afford to buy one of the memory foam matresses, my solution is to sleep on a quilt that is under the bottom sheet on the bed, just on my side. I also take a wheat pack to bed with me in the winter, the heat does help me get settled, I did mention to my partner that a microwave upstairs might be could so i could keep warming it up !!! I think you thought i was joking :-(

I was told in a bed shop that if you get very warm in the night the memory foam matresses is not for you and they make you quite hot.


I am surprised you take co-codamol and not co-dydramol. I had the first one and moved onto co-dydramol which helps with any breakthough pain. I am on Lyrica, one twice a day and now 200mg, but its the Amytriptyline 25mg I have at night that helps with my burning and restlesss legs. I am also epileptic so have tegretol and the combination helps me sleep. Maybe this combination could help you?

I wanted a cushion for my wheelchair and went to see someone at a habadashery [sorry about spelling] and the man there used to work in a bed shop. He advised against these special beds as he says they are a normal mattress with a thick topper and you would do better to get the memory foam itself or to buy a topper from a place like his where they could get you a better price. I realise he wanted the custom but if it solves the problems and is cheaper I don't mind! My problem is I sleep with my husband in a kingsize bed and that would be so expensive! So far I am coping, but its good to know and hope it helps you too.


I find that my electric blanket is invaluable. I have it on the mattress not over me like a quilt. I couldn't sleep without it!!


That's funny nutty (not literally) as it just shows how different we respond to things that help us. Heat for me makes it much worse and while I suffer from the cold terribly, heat makes my pain 'throb' if that makes sense. I'm glad you've found it really useful :)


Hi I have a kingsize Sensaform airflow pocket sprung memory foam mattress. The memory foam is on top of the pocket springs. The airflow makes it breathable & keeps you from over heating. It is quite a soft mattress, but you can get others that are firmer. This mattress has really improved my comfort levels & given me better sleep. I bought it in a Dreams sale & it was £299 & as it was on offer, the kingsize was actually cheaper than the single!

I have just bought my daugher a Silentnight pocketsprung with airflow memory foam single mattress from It was delivered next day & cost £199. It is a much firmer mattress than mine but still very comfortable.

Online prices are cheaper. Just try some out in stores & make a note of the ones you like & then find the same ones online, usually much cheaper!

Make sure you get an airflow/breathable one or you will be very hot. It does take around 2 weeks to get used to one but I would never be without mine now! No more backaches & much improvement in comfort when lying on tenderspots.


I found that investing some money in the best feather quilt I could get (goose not duck which can have sharp pointy bits in it) and it was the best money I think I could spend - warm in winter, cool in summer and ALWAYS comfortable. Also don't buy poly-cotton sheets - the sensitivity you get with CFS/ME makes poly-cotton sheets irritating and stingy. Try to get percale or Egyptian cotton. I know it's a cost but once you have them they last a lifetime and are SOOTHING to the skin at night. And let's face it, we have enough of a job sleeping as it is!!

Kate xxx


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