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day to day sweating that is what iam going through like high fevers where iam having to change clothes throughout the day

hi i have lupus and fibromyalgia and have been like that for over 6 yrs what i want to know is or to get some advice is from what my gp calls them are fevers i get so hot from the top of my head to my toes and the sweat is pouring from me where i have to change my clothes throughout the day its getting now where iam sweating that much i cant go out as it gets embaressing to see it running down my face ,neck even my clothes stick to me it then goes cold and i start shivering and because iam on wafarin there isnt much medication that i can take where i know there is a lot of different medication to try ,iam really thinking of coming off my blood thinners so that i can try some of it and to see if i can live some kind of normal life iam on pain patches which my gp said that can cause some sweating but not to the extent that iam going through iam getting where i just dont want to live anymore from the heavy sweating to the pain that iam going through i rather not be here anymore please is there anyone that is going through what iam could do with some real help here many thx suzanne

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I guess first thing is, have you taken your temperature? Just to make sure you don't actually really have a 'fever'. Is it tied to moving around, so the more you move around the more sweaty you get? I get similar but, nowhere near as extreme, and in fact I suffer terribly from the cold. My husband can be sitting in a t-shirt watching the telly, and I'll have my dressing gown on over my clothes which I do just about every day.

If your GP is calling them 'fevers' then surely there must be something going on? have you had bloods etc. done? and is this a recent phenomenon?

It doesn't sound at all nice and as it's making you feel so miserable, then something has to be done about it :(

Please take


hi hun thx for getting back to me with the sweating i can be sitting watching tv or even laying down and the sweat is pouring from me i know that iam going through the menopause and you get flushes but i know the difference between a flush and the so called fevers that the gp says that iam having it dont take much movement for me to start sweating i was told that with lupus and fibromyalgia that i would get mini sweats but these are terrible and have been going on for such a long time and with the pain that iam having mostly in my legs that i have a job to walk so was wondering if its to do with the pain that iam in many thanks once again and you take care hun too xx suz


My sweats aren't as bad as yours but I do have an extreme intolerance to any kind of heat and I have to have the windows open and the fans on even on the coldest of days. The fans are lifesavers and I recommend a tower fan in every room of your house. I bought a couple of mini fans, called 'The world's smallest fan' from Amazon and I carry these and a couple of spare batteries in my handbag and they do help. I do feel your misery xx


Hi please dont come off your blood thining tablets, its your pain patches, my husband has a very bad back he is on pain patches, they are the side effects, he is clamy to touch, he sweats terrible, there is not alot you can do, i feel for you, i bet your dreading the summer, i no my husband is, dont over dress, were cotton, my husband carries round with him baby wipes, we keep a packet in the fridge at home, hope this may of helped you ..


Hi welshsuz

I have terrible cold sweats i call them, i go really warm then sweat cold, my skin clamy, neck soaked amd my heat races. sometimes i sit or lean cos i feel faint ! had meno sweats they felt different like a rush and lasted longer ! Im not taking meds yet just going with the flow and in bed when bad flares , i have fibro and chronic fatigue and lichen sclerosis too im in menopause im 52 gos just corrected 10 typos thats my worse problem and blinding head aches , and sometimes stroke like symptoms .Dreading the heat are you :-(


im also on warfarin for life currently taking 12mg daily but i wouldnt come off the warfarin withought consulting your gp , im sure it could be dangerous for you . i also get horrendous sweats , most embarrassing when im out so i bought myself several old fashioned hand held fans , it helps and makes me feel quite glamorous i get awful night sweats too


I get terrible sweats just as you describe welshsuz, i get them worse when i go out, especially if i have an alcoholic drink,it seems to flare up, and the more i worry about the sweating the worse it gets,

sometimes i wipe all my make up off my face with tissues, i can be sitting there and can feel droplets of sweat running down my back, it gets so bad that i worry about getting up as the chair will be wet through, and i panic that people will notice.

I wear 72 hour deodorant and use it under my breasts and around my groin area. I have asked my doctor many many times what causes it and he says its a combination of medication, fibro and menopause.He says there is no cure for it.

When i get these flushes my skin actually feels cold and clammy to touch, but my face goes bright red and i sweat so much from my face it really affects me wanting to go to any social occasions. I look like ive just run a marathon!

I really really sympathise with you, i know how debilitating it can be, Im going to my Grandaughters christening tomorrow and i know i will start to get hot and nervous while getting ready, and then right through the day, and to top it all off i get Irritable Bowel Syndrome if i eat anything while out, so ill be running to the loo and that is totally embarrasing having to use a public toilet, the noise and the smell are unbearable.I sit on the loo until i cant hear anyone in the toilets!

I also have a brain tumour and take loads of different tablets pregabalin, oxcontin etc and they state that sweating can be a side effect.

I dont think there are any medications to stop sweating so will have to live with it.

I carry battery operated fans and an old fashioned "spanish" fan with me, and take plenty of tissues in my bag, also take powder to combat the shine on my face.

Sorry i cant be of more help, but at least you know there are others with the same problems.Hugs

Amanda x


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