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How can I get through to my GP?


I work full time, because I have to, but my fatigue is getting worse and my condition is really getting me down. Lately I actually feel like an ill person, I am exhausted all the time and I am really struggling. Over the weekend all I do is sleep. But when I ask my GP they either have no answers or blame it on my depression/low mood/diet/age (I'm 24 btw).

Does anyone have any advice for getting through to them and getting actual help? This can't be it, just a life of struggle.

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Sorry to hear you are struggling so much. Keeping a pain/symptom diary for a couple of weeks before during to your gp might help.

This can help give your doctor a better idea of how your are affected

Write to yourGP. I was fed up with being ignored when I asked for referral to Guys and St Thomas’s fibro clinic so put the request in writing.Follow any letter up with telephone consult. Letters generally are not ignored and should form part of your medical records. If done verbally I find nothing gets recorded and GPS can forget or ignore requests.

Catatvet05 in reply to Dinkie

That’s a good idea! I feel my doctor is ignoring my referral even though she said you have been referred? No referral was made and I’m not sure why she mentioned it in the first place? I said nothing has been confirmed and so she checked and found no notes regarding referral?!

Dinkie in reply to Catatvet05

Good luck

Have a look to see if there is any advocates in your area ,sometimes there is leaflets in surgery as well ,if a advocate went with you to an appointment that would get you heard and offered more treatment and options,sometimes in your situation everything mounts up as well

DO you ask the GP about this while visiting for other illness? Perhaps making an appointment just for this and nothing else and during the consultation just say I am here because I am ill exhausted all the time.. Perhaps just repeat what you have said in your post here and tell the GP you need to carry on with your work this tiredness exhaustion is affecting your performance and if you have any dependents say you have dependents to feed or need to keep bringing the money in and so on... Perhaps if the surgery has more than one GP, just make an appointment without insisting to see the same GP so that you get another GP to see you. It would be worth it not to waste the short time you have with your GP by complaining about others. Because, our surgery has a notice on their board which says something like "the normal consultation time for one patient is 10 minutes for one specific symptom and if your visit is about more than one symptom and if you think you have a lot to discuss with your GP please ask to book for double appointment time".

Does your GP makes an eye contact with you during the consultation?

I know what you are going through it is so difficult to find the right surgery and the GP.

Let us know how you get on. All the best.


Working full time with the condition of fibro must be very wearing , you want a doctor that listens to what you are saying, low mood/depression can be part of suffering with fibro on a daily basis and he/she should be working with you perhaps trying some meds that will help with this in order to help you cope, trial and error for a lot of us but eventually I was seen by a good doctor with empathy total understanding of the condition , I have been taking duloxtene for 3 years now it has totally wiped out my anxiety/depression and differently helps me on a daily basis cope . Have you thought of changing your doctor ?? and yes differently keep some notes daily , if surgeries go back to having patients back through the door instead of telephone triage (due to Covid) perhaps take mum or family member that can give you support and see your struggles on a daily basis. Xx

I know how you feel I’m having the same problem I feel they are not listening usually when I have a flare up I feel I’ll have 2 weeks off and I’m ok but this time I’m exhausted carnt do normal things eg lift a kettle open a shampoo bottle and when I’ve spoke to Gp they say you will be fine in 2 weeks ? I’ve had 5 weeks off work now , can you have any time off work to recover ? Sorry this doesn’t help much but will chat with you if that helps x

FMS is covered by disability at work act, you can ask your employer to make changes to hours where possible to help you cope. I onky do 22.5 hr now after doing 40 for 25 years. I did mornings in office or appointments and then paperwork at home in afternoon. If need a nap can have an hour then just work an hour later. Not sure what you so so not always possible. Working at home sue to co vid and love it but dreading pain when go back.

When you get home don't so too much as pacing is the key to managing fibro.

Good luck x

Maddie21 in reply to Julesubu

I have tried but due to money I need to work full time otherwise I can't pay my bills. Sorry for being a pain.

Julesubu in reply to Maddie21

Still work full time but is there anyway you can work at home for some?

Maddie21 in reply to Julesubu

Tbh I haven't asked as I work in the council and they are trying to reduce home workers. I will ask at a later date :)

Hello all, I'm going to try and make a GP appointment tomorrow and push the point. Really struggling but I don't want to take time off work as my sickness is already not very good. Unfortunately it is likely to be a telephone appointment :/ but I will try to stay on the phone until I am happy with the outcome, tbh I don't even know what I want. I'm just sick of feeling like an ill person.

OK, I use all my specialists and my GP, but the only thing that really works for me is whole body cryotherapy plus a few types of PT. All I need is for the GP to prescribe it for me. If I didn't have that, I'd at least be having cold showers several times a day.

So the GP is helpless there too. All docs are in my case.

Trying to go back to work in Nov slowly, after 10 months.

All the best, I wish you lots of strength and finding out how to find the invisible moving sweet spots of all you do, strength and pain management...

Good luck for trying to get a doctor appointment.

I had a hospital appointment for something else and I asked why we cannot see our GPs. I was told that they have been furloughed.

Unbelievable. Grrrrrr

I have been told that GPs have been furloughed.


Maddie21 in reply to Singeranne

Where do you live for GP's to be furloughed? I live in the UK and as far as I'm aware GP's can't be furloughed as they're part of the NHS which is part of public health.


I had a hospital appointment and I was told by an NHS podiatrist that GPS have been f urloughed.

Maddie21 in reply to Singeranne

Thats odd

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