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Tinnitus Anyone?


I’ve recently developed tinnitus just in one ear. It hardly rates in comparison to my other fibro symptoms but, is this maybe also related to fibromyalgia? Do others have it?

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Hi, it's not related to Fibro as far as I'm aware. I don't suffer with tinnitus. But do suffer with vertigo. Again not fibro related. But then so many things are not fibro related but it doesn't stop us getting other health issues sadly xx

Sosbach in reply to Dizzytwo

Thanks, yes it gets hard to sort the wheat from the chaff after awhile...


Hello there, yes I do suffer with tinnitus in both ears, mostly I can ignore it but if I was to go in loud noises say a disco my ears would be ringing and driving me nuts, any loud speakers that type of thing .

I have it in both ears its made me loose my hearing I have to wear hearing aids in both ears i don't get that buzzing noise when they are in bug when I go to bed and take them out the buzzing starts again and its annoying i have had ghis fir about 12 years

Sosbach in reply to Flyby7

Thanks flyby7- I better get my hearing tested!

I have it in both ears and wear hearing aids. When the aids are in its minimal and there are various apps to help mask the tinnitus that can be downloaded.

Before I was diagnosed I would spend ages trying to find out where the noise was coming from😂

Sosbach in reply to Dinkie

You’re funny 😁

Sosbach in reply to Dinkie

.but seriously, I’ve just realised it could be the beginning of hearing loss. Normal, getting old, hearing loss. I just tend to jump to conclusions now, like the doctors, that any new malady must be related to fibro or my highly-strung/anxious nature.

Thanks for the masking noise advice too. I’ve already discovered some (often I just use talking podcasts) and really rely on them to fall asleep. In fact I wake up disturbed when they finish...the silence is deafening!

I have developed tinnitus but also with Fibromyalgia I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, was diagnosed 20years ago.


Not related to fibro but does seem to bet one of the more common co-morbid conditions that we suffer from

..is it that we are inherently “stressy” people do you think? I’ve read tinnitus can be stress related. I also had TMJ ( with the fibro, as a comorbidity) which was definitely about clenching my jaw too much/hard from stress. I learnt to relax my jaw and the problem eventually went away. Maybe there’s hope for the tinnitus too? If it’s hearing related how do I know. Duh get hearing tested. Thanks.

Willow51 in reply to Sosbach

It may be coincidence, but I have TMJ too and it was after that diagnosis that I started with tinnitus. The tinnitus is under control, like you I learned to relax my jaw, but the tinnitus is now permanent, I didn't get much relief from hearing aids but everyone is different and I would say it's always worth trying something new to see if it helps. Good luck finding a solution that works for you, Hugs Linda xx

Sosbach in reply to Willow51

Interesting coincidences, thanks for thatWillow51, not to mention the hugs! 🙏

Willow51 in reply to Sosbach

You're welcome xx

Hidden in reply to Sosbach

Inherently??? Sorry Sosbach but I was so laid back as a child! Technology caused the upspeed. Since 2010 I do nothing but loath the necessity of it!

I have some Tinnitus, but not sure it's connected to fibro. 🤔Sorry, I don't have much evidence that it is or isn't. It can be brought on by stress, I hear🙂

Sosbach in reply to Gingerapple

Thanks gingerapple

Hi yes i have had tinnitus for years and sometimes can`t sleep for the noises , don`t think it`s Fibro related but who knows , and yes was given hearing aides of which i can`t wear as they make my ears itch , maybe allergic to the plastic like most drugs , but because of covid i can`t

get an appointment


Yes I do get it on and off, but I have underactive thyroid too x

Sosbach in reply to Lbstyle

Oh me too Lbstyle (Hashimotos) - is there meant to be a link between hypothyroidism and tinnitus then?

Lbstyle in reply to Sosbach

Yes I believe so. There are many symptoms related to thyroid issues sadly; it’s a awful disease :(

Hi I think it is related to Fibro as when I am having a “flare up” my Tinnitus is always far more intense. In fact it is one of the first signs that a “good” day is about to change. It is not the cause of a flare up that for me can be stress, exhaustion, over exertion etc but it is definitely part of it for me. What came first I’m not sure. I don’t know about others but when I am having a bad day with the Fibro I feel very much locked inside my body and my mind with the pain etc and this includes my head so may be that intensifies the tinnitus.

Sosbach in reply to Romcom

Interesting, thanks Romcom

Hi I to got it about two months ago in one ear .my mum has it for years she doesn't have

Fibo .

Sosbach in reply to Pbyllis

“Got it two months ago” Does that mean it went away for you Pbyllis ?

Me again! There are two types of tinnitus, in the head and in the ear. They can test to see which yours is. In the head is not usually caused by ear problems. trauma, pain, drugs, can all cause it.

In the ear though can be a consequence of an ear infection etc, and can go away when the problem is cleared up. I had it, quite severely, for a month some years ago after labarynthitis. Thankfully it went away. So I understand and fully sympathise with what my husband goes through.

Have a look at:

British Tinnitus Association | All you need to know (ringing ears) tinnitus.org.uk

Best of luck


Thanks again Margaret, great website..

Pbyllis in reply to Sosbach

Hi no it's still there unfortunately


My husband has severe tinnitus and I have had conversations with one of the leading researchers in the field, at Cambridge University/Addenbrookes hospital. My husband had an skiing accident and back surgery before the tinnitus started. This professor told me that they believe tinnitus and chronic pain are linked so a link to fibromyalgia seems possible.

There are treatments that work for some people. Noise programs, through a computer or a hearing aid, that 'program' you not to notice the tinnitus. There is a particular drug, used for psychosis, that helps some people, a friend of ours got total relief.

But many doctors don't understand it, my husband was told by one it was just 'a consequence of getting old' and to get used to it.

He uses music as a distraction, plays it almost constantly, but sometimes it is overwhelming and I feel so sorry for him

Anyway, you need to see a doctor, try to see a specialist. You may be one of the lucky ones who finds relief.

Thanks margaretpaloma, a lot of interesting information there!

Hi Sosbach yes I get tinnitus but miner's in my head. I know that it may sound strange but if I shake my head I get a sound that sound like Chinese stress ball and make a clinking sound so I avoided shaking my head as it makes me dizzy too. But I think miner's because I have atheritis in my jaw so suffer from Tmj which makes my ear feel saw all the time and then there's a sharp pain which shoots down the inside off my ear to my jaw, so can't deal with loud noises.

If it continues please get in checked out.

Sosbach in reply to Eleni53

Eleni53, it’s always sobering to hear some have it worse than others. Your version of it sounds terrible. I hope you are managing it ok....thanks for your response.


I have Meniere desease which causes vertgo and has also left me with tinnitus mainly in one ear which is always there to one degree or another ,not long after this diagnosis i found my fibro stated to notice a pattern in a flare up with fibro and the tinnitius getting really loud (mine goes from a hum to a woshing sound , But when it goes to a loud buzzing its usually a sign im going to get an attack and more often than not my fibro gets worse. Don't know if theres a connection but not ,hope this helps you though

Sosbach in reply to saddlesurfer

..thanks saddlesurfer- sounds much worse than my humble, one-sided ringing. You’ve made me feel grateful for small mercies.

Could also be from medication. I know when I take Naproxen I get noises in my ears.

Sosbach in reply to Entela15

I just checked my thyroxine which is the only meds I take but tinnitus was not listed in the side effects. Was worth a shot though, thanks Entela15.

I also suffer with tinnitus; I started of with hashimoto's thyroiditis, later added arthritis and then after contracting boreliosis from a tick bite, was diagnosed with all three CF, ME and Fibro. So anyone of these could possibly be the reason for the tinnitus, or it is just another item to add to the list.

Be well I hope you find relief 🌞🌈 🌹

Sosbach in reply to JKW1

How conflated JKW1! The tick bite/boreliosi has to take the cake as in putting the biggest question mark-spanner into the works. Thanks for your response.


Gets worse when I eat sugar or spice. And maybe wheat foods. It’s about 30 decibels upwards at 3am.

Sosbach in reply to Hidden

Interesting MrBee

So sorry Sosbach. It makes something else to endure. I have had severe tinnitus with deafness since 1994, through a short holiday flight. Can only wear one hearing aid, and my right side is far too painful altogether. If you are young, that tinnitus may hopefully leave you at some point.

Sosbach in reply to Roselil

thanks Roselil, not young I’m afraid (pushing 60). I guess I may need to consider it’s just good ol’ age-related hearing loss.

Hi yes I have tinnitus, persistent and annoying not sure if it’s related to fibromyalgia or not. Always good to get new things checked out though so maybe a trip to the docs Is best.

Sosbach in reply to Psulli

Yes, that’s the best advice Psulli

Hi!. I suffer from fibro, I wear hearing aids but I don't suffer with tinnitus.


just had 3 small slices of toast, which is the first wheat product I’ve eaten in a month. An hour later and my tinnitus has doubled in volume. It’s not the Camomile I had with it!

I dont have tinnitus but I have the sound of blood rushing through a vein in my head so 90% of the time I'm hearing whooshing. Doc thinks its caused by trigeminal neuralgia. When the sound stops the lack of sound is deafening.

I've had this for about 5 years now with a slight remission of about 3 months.

My husband will ask if I can hear something, how can I possibly hear slight sounds with this roar going on

Sounds truly tormenting susiesquirrel. I think the website margaretpaloma mentions in her 2nd response in this thread goes into your version of the condition. Tinnitus.org.uk

thank you. I'll have a read

Hi sosbach I've just been reading through the article and at least now I know what it is and what has caused it. I've just had an MRI that showed vascular loop over the trigeminal nerve and a cyst on my pituitary gland. So one of these will have caused the pulsatile tinnitus. All these years ive never been told its a type of tinnitus

Great that you at least know now...This forum is great for these kinds of insights and people steering us to other resources we may have missed. All the best susiesquirrel.

Thank you


It's okay the other Year will come!

Hello. I've just joined this forum and reading all of these messages is both amazing and informative. I was only diagnosed formally with Fibro last year, prior to that my Dr said that I probably just had arthritis etc! The etc was a whole host of other symptoms which he didn't really look into. It wasn't until I changed my GP practice and gave a full list of symptoms that the Dr said that I had fibro. It was such a relief to finally put a name to the list of sypmtoms I had, I thought I was going mad until then. The aches, pains, confusion, forgetfullness amongst other things which I have suffered with for years and years. Then on hear you are now talking about tinnitus, which I have also suffered with terribly for as long as I can remember - could this also be linked to my fibro?

I think this site is going to be my saving grace - thank you :)

Sosbach in reply to Abbey20

Welcome Abbey20. It’s great to not have to feel alone (and wondering if you’re crazy) with this condition. It’s baffling and quite a journey but a lot do find a way through to a better way of living.


Tinnitus tonight is louder than the fan 2 metres away! Plus mega pain! Maybe it's the ulcer... Loving it!

Hi sosbach,

Have you tried Betahistine 16mg pills.I have been told by a doctor these can help.


Sosbach in reply to bigalan

Thanks John, I will look into it..

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