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Tinnitus Relief!

I've been having a little bit of a win over the tinnitus I get. It works like this - you know when you've got a tune in your head that won't go away? Well now, instead of trying to ignore it or get rid of it, I've been using it to block out the fuzzing & the hissing, etc. I've found that if I focus on the song - like something off the tv like the EastEnders music for example, then I have that blaring throughout my head as I'm trying to get to sleep. So far, so good. I've had the Doctor Who theme mixing in with Casualty theme tune; Britney Spiers tunes, & all sorts of tunes which I've had going on in my head, totally distracting me from the tinnitus. Brilliant!

Just thought it might help someone else suffering from tinnitus,

Julie xxx

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White noise works sometimes for people.

The lull of a fan can distract are 100% correct

that this is fighting fire with fire..

Music helps too.. Hows the Fibro behaving?

I live in the USA in Wisconsin..We have had a week of downpour..

Not flooding..just constant rain, fog, yucky outside..

I have some neck area pain -more so in the shoulder..

usually I have no pain .


Hi sounds bad out side hope the rain has stopped. I live in Scotland well just and it is fast turning wintery although we havenot had a frost yet - it wont be long I am sure .

Keeep dry



Laughs - just realised got distracted did not mention the tinitus. LOL. Mine is fussy this morning and more annoying than any thing feel like I have been divin.g and I havent shaken the water out yet. There we go as wite speak my nose has just become blocked do not know why same every morning, Tedious isn't i't xxgins


I'm so used to my tinnitus now its the fact that I hear background noise over the the top of someone speaking just in front of me that's irritating! :o

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Yeah, it's funny what we can become used to eh zeb! gins, have you got asthma? Just asking 'cos I have & that's how my nose gets if I haven't taken my inhaler. Just a thought. Hi yikes, I'm not having too bad of a day so far..... fibro quiet - ish, only my neck & shoulder hurting atm, but it's wet & windy here in the Midlands - all the leaves are being blown off the trees & everywhere looks wet & damp. Not a nice autumn picture at all here.

Julie xxx :-)


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