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Jaw clenching


Does anyone else wake up with severe headache from teeth and jaw clenching at night x

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Yes I do and it is horrible.

My dentist told me I should wear a mouth guard but I couldn't afford a made to measure one and a cheap generic one made me feel I was going to choke.

I have damaged my teeth from grinding them while asleep.

Sorry I can't offer a solution.


Bexxsy10 in reply to ellj

Bless your heart yes I’ve see mouth guards but it make me gag 😂 I’m in agony it must be tension x

ellj in reply to Bexxsy10

I have tried listening to relaxing music before sleep but I still wake up with that awful headache and clamped teeth.

Bexxsy10 in reply to ellj

Bless you that’s exactly me it’s reassuring to know it’s not just me just wish there was a simple answer x

Hi, I tend to wake with migraines too & I have broken the route of one of my caps with clenching, dentist spoke about a gum shield to wear at night. Unfortunately due to present circumstances I haven't got it yet but maybe something you might find helpful 🤗🤗

Bexxsy10 in reply to CheetieCat

Thanks so much x

Hi Bexxsy, i know how you feel, i do this pretty much all day, i have to keep making myself stop when i realise, its anxiety and it really does cause headache, jaw ache face ache and its quiet disturbing! I hope someone on here knows a cure, i did try using my Phenergan Liquid (antihistamin) but it makes you drowsy too so you have to be careful but it did help ease it?


Bexxsy10 in reply to hen-house

Bless your heart it’s horrible I feel so tense I’m on alot of meds already for bipolar I’m always googling it lol xxx

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Bexxsy10 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much

Yes, unfortunately I cracked a tooth by doing it. My dentist made me a mouth guard to wear at night x

Bexxsy10 in reply to J2302

Thanks so much time for visit x

I have developed severe nerve pain/neuralgia in a few places and it has overtaken the everyday pain of FM. The last year my orthodontist made a 'splint' for my bottom teeth for the night grinding and daytime tongue fiddling as the pain had gone to Trigeminal Neuralgia. I wear it now nearly all the time - except when talking. It has helped considerably as the nerve pain above my mouth is grim. Try and make it a priority to afford one. I am glad I paid for mine. All the best, we are dealing with a condition that knows no bounds and mostly only we can help ourselves.

Bexxsy10 in reply to Iceberg5241

Thanks so much

Hi dont have a headache but i do wake and find myself clenching my jaw anytime of day and night take care x

Bexxsy10 in reply to Queenielot

Thankyou it’s driving me mad x

I did clench my teeth at night until I got a night guard and a RX for skelaxin. ( muscle relaxer)

Bexxsy10 in reply to Skylane2

Thankyou x


When I was a child two back teeth were removed because my jaw was 'overcrowded'. In my sixties my teeth started to 'go walkabout'. I went, quite quickly, from having perfectly normal straight teeth to looking like and old hag with teeth so crooked I hid my mouth when I smiled. Finally, after a lot of bad suggestions, I saw David, my gorgeous orthodontist. He took impressions and showed me what I was doing, moving my jaw to the side and then grinding, it was frightening! He also told me the root cause of the movement was those two gaps where my teeth were removed as a child. So, two years in braces. A straight smile I am proud of. But I must wear plastic 'retainers' or mouth guards at night now, forever, or my teeth could move back.

The process of taking impressions made me gag, but David cut the retainers short at the back so that I could tolerate them. and now I don't notice them. The cost was part of my overall treatment but they are not cheap, and I suspect more expensive in the UK than here in Spain.

However, I would recommend them, no more tooth grinding, my jaw feels better in the morning, altogether an improvement.

If you can afford it consider it, it really helped me.

Thanks so much x

Hi, yes I used to but I fractured a tooth doing it. I now wear a retainer which has, so far, stopped me breaking any more teeth. Although sometimes I still wake with my jaw clenched. My dentist gave me exercises to relax the jaw muscles which does help. The retainer wasn't cheap either. It was around £150, but worth it!

Really I just try this @knakerdkaty x

I have been clenching my teeth and have had tense jaw for ages now and thought it was another symptom and there was nothing I could do. It has been reassuring to see so many of you have the same issues. Reading your posts has really helped.


Bexxsy10 in reply to Rosimadd

Me too xx

Yes, it’s called TMJ is the abbreviation. Only a mouth guard can prevent it.

Bexxsy10 in reply to LaurieLee

Just ordered one x

Hi bexxsy10 yes I do I've doing it for years your dentist can make you a guard for your teeth it does work but they dont last long as of the clenching 😏 it's always when.i have something playing on my mind or I'm.stressed . Hope you get sorted its horrible and people dont understand xx

I do, but I also have PTSD. My Dr. put me on a new muscle relaxer that doesn't have a sedative in it. It's been a big help.

Bexxsy10 in reply to crzykat71

Thankyou x

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