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Advice for extreme fatigue with fibromyalgia

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I can’t wake up, I can’t get out of bed and all through the day I’m just so tired I can’t do anything. I’m so exhausted all the time, I could sleep all day every if I let myself. It’s affecting my relationship. Even tidying a room is exhausting and I just can’t do it. It’s really getting me down which makes me even more tired because then I get depressed. I just don’t know what to do

13 Replies
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Hi sorry your suffering with this horrid fatigue,

sunrise alarm, I also struggle waking up at this time of year too, so purchased a lumie, its been one of the best things for me

however I also struggled when too much promethazine allergy stuff used to sleep, was dosed to high hence why stick to the time and dose am now on.

Are there any fatigue side effects with your meds?

cocodomol was good for knocking out.

there is also a lack of daylight condition that needs a bright light its called s.a.d. light and your doc may be able to help with that. read about in Patience Griffin book 'the laird and I' although think Sophie was discussed in an earlier fiction book of hers.

chronic fatigue is also a possiblility with the fibro

have a chat with your gp and log this

hope this helps your not on your own with this gentle hugs.

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Hi Chessyree. I know how you feel and I do completely understand you. Don't let this let you down. If you think of chores/housework/everything. Just look at things as little countries not the world. Even if you just do one little thing today, it all adds up in the end. Try maybe a shower or just some YOU time. Time for you. Don't beat yourself up - it's not your fault you feel like this. Just remember that. Try and keep a positive mental attitude as much as possible. Just do bits when you have the energy. As said IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Don't get OVERWHELMED. One of the worst things is feeling overwhelmed or "I'm behind on things I should have done". CBT is definitely worth trying. I did CBT last year and boy, did it help me. Have as good a day as you can. I send you my best wishes Golly x

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I find fatigue the most difficult symptom to manage. For me pacing is essential - and prioritising tasks, so that I only do essentials on the bad days (really bad day, getting out of bed is an achievement). Celebrate the small wins, and focus on what you did manage to do, not what you didn't

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fmlife in reply to Hazel_Angelstar

totally agree, just remembered spoon theory may help the people around understand the changed energy levels

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Hiya Chessyree,

We all suffer from this chronic fatigue n my advice is to set a small goal to achieve each day so when u complete it u feel u have accomplished something. I also break down tasks for example this is how I wash my hair, shampoo n rinse hair, put on conditioner, have a rest, then rinse out conditioner, wrap towel around, rest, then dry hair with hairdryer with rests in between as needed. Don’t get me wrong it is hard but u need to fight back just a bit everyday. Remember u aren’t alone every person here is fighting alongside u. Gentle hugs 😊🤗

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Hi, I literally could of wrote this post. I'm sat here with greasy hair, 2 day old pj's and feeling very sorry for myself!!! Sending you lots of hugs x

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I agree Chessyree, the fatigue is an absolute killer that quite literally haunts you constantly 😤. Great advice from the other responses as always, keep trying your best, be kind to yourself (ie like you would be to a friend) and celebrate the small wins x

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I think the overwhelming fatigue is difficult for others to understand, they don’t always get that we’re not just a bit tired.

I definitely find focussing on what I have done is helpful. Be realistic about what you can achieve. My baseline is getting dressed by lunchtime, (I don’t always make it). Break tasks down, don’t try to tidy a whole room, just do a couple of minutes here and there with breaks in between.

Look for ways to make life easier, some days even a cordless vacuum seems too heavy, but a quick swish over the wooden floor with a broom to get the dust bunnies I can see under the chair might be achievable. Cook an extra portion so there is always an easy meal in the freezer.

If I want to socialise I schedule rests. For example I regularly have people round for Sunday dinner. I put the roast in the oven and then go and lie down for an hour or so. They also know I will probably conk out after dinner and Monday is likely to be a complete right off, but it’s nice to try and do something normal and I find being at home less stressful and more comfortable than going out. I’ve had to leave restaurants before the main course has arrived and far too often the chairs are uncomfortable. I’m going to a family wedding soon so have booked a hotel for the night before and the night of the wedding, to give me time to recover from the travelling and to ensure I have somewhere to escape for rests during the day itself.

Listen to your body and be kind to yourself x

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Hi Chessyree. You have my empathy. Going through a flare myself and typing this from bed - I can hardly move and it's been six weeks already. Just to echo what the others have said. Set small goals and pace yourself. It may seem counterintuitive but a little exercise actually helps. So, maybe a shower, then rest. Make a sandwich, then another rest. Then a 15 minute walk and then vegetable for the rest of the day. I also watch documentaries and news and read a lot in bed. Admittedly, it takes several goes for the words to stick but at least it gives you something to talk about. I have also been out three times in the last month. Two of those were to hospital but even that takes planning e.g bed the day before and after.

It's hard on partners as it requires a complete overhaul of what used to be normal for you both. Be gentle with yourself, find a new baseline and choose to be happy despite everything. Sending you lots of love and light.

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I feel exactly the same, I have a flare or something, I have been here since last Friday, everything hurts, even my hair! sounds daft but true. I hate feeling like this it makes me feel very useless.

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I totally hear you and get it!! I've read all the replies, and know the advice from everyone is good and useful, BUT, it is still frustrating to be SO tired all the time. I MAKE myself function and go through my day, but it's still hard to function in tired mode all the time. I was even too tired to watch television last night, which is very unusual for me, so I went to be early. I slept for 11 hours hoping that I would feel better today when I woke up, but no! That is SO frustrating and annoying!!

What I'd like to know is, besides pacing yourself and not being too hard on yourself, using a SADs light (which I have), if there is any medical information that anyone can share with us that might help. Like, maybe taking more vitamin B12, or any naturopath info & advice someone else has received that they could share. My doctor just chalks it up to my chronic fatigue, and my blood work always comes back okay, but I haven't seen a naturopath because they're so expensive. Any helpful medical advice anyone? Thanks.

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hi! this is Cláudia and I write from Brazil. I have similar symptoms and I tottaly understand how you must be feeling.

Here it is hot and sunny but It doenst change how one feels, which is fatigue and pains mainly when i wake up in he morning. This is during my vacations and it has really made feel down as i dont seem do be able to do anything or want to or see anyone and go anywhere.

there is no energy or will. but my doctor gave me a medicine called pamelor which is an antidepressant (started yesterday)and told me to exercise 15 min a day. I also started therapy twice a month ( all i can pay).

I am trying a little bit of everything and hopefully will get well soon. Don't get stressed, as stress seems to be part of fibro's condition. Accept and remember this shall pass too. Do all the little things you can do, make the extra effort, don't give up and ask for help.

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Hi Chessyree.

sorry to hear you are suffering extreme fatigue.Ihave Fibro amongst many other conditions and symptoms to date undiagnosed.I recently have been experiencing extreme fatigue-I am often too tired to do anything ,even watching Tv causes fatigue and I go up to bed.I would not get up if it was not for my dogs.I have to get up for them.

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