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I was working in a DR office (pain management injections) doing billing. Whenever we would get a fibro patient the medical assistants would say there's another one of those crazy fibro patients. It went on for a while. Then I told them that I have it (big mistake). The nonsense didn't stop. One week I was having a flare up. I couldn't call in right away. When I finally woke up, I called and was fired. It's so hard. I'll never reveal myself again and can't prove that's why I was fired, but I'm pretty sure.

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That's awful treatment from an employer.


Disgusting treatment. If it was because of your fibro you would have a very strong case for unfair dismissal. It may be worth getting some legal advice.

Good morning

Your employer can not treat you like that. As M0AL61 said need to get further advice.

You say DR ...do you mean a GP surgery or similar?

You cannor help being ill and you should be entitled to sick pay. They can not discriminate cos you have fibro. They should know better.

This is not a nice situation to be in. Get the advice and kick their a*se.

I am going to assume that you are not in the UK. Employment laws are strong here, and folk with disabilities are protected under laws.


healthunlocked.com/fibromya..., differently agree with the other members, citizens advice maybe, they just cannot kick people out like that , ive posted a link above if you would like to lock your posts , good luck I hope they get what they deserve xx

It is very unprofessional for the staff to discriminate against people with disability.Firstly I would think that would need reporting. They certainly would benefit from a course on Diversity. Secondly, your termination needs investigating to be sure your employer hasn't breached employment laws. Get advice. Don't be walked on.

It's awful in this day and age still believing there is no such thing as Fibromyalgia! I hope none of them ever take it I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Can't understand why you lost your job through this you should get advice about this. My Pain Clinic Consultant definately understands about Fibro and all the umpteen symptoms in can have on your body his only concern is that there is little he can do to relieve the horrible symptoms. It steals away your life unfortunately. Good luck!

I would contact the labor board or lawyer this says discrimination all over it! That is just not right at all! There is also discrimination against the the handicapped too. This is going against human rights to be treated equal. I would get legal advise. I’m in the US but would think 🤔 that that there are similar human rights being violated unless it is what I call a right to fire state. Wyoming is one of those states and the lady at the labor board said her boss could fire her just because she didn’t like the color of her shirt! I never herd of such a thing until 1999 out in Wyoming when my then husband came home 5minutes after getting to work. He was fired for calling in sick. He didn’t want to pursue legal actions.,,:because it was a family owned business and he wanted to keep the good grace of the one brother who would give him a good reference. 🤷🏼‍♀️😊💕🦋😊

I was medically retired because Fibromyalgia was stopping me from being able to consistently work and I couldn’t carry out the role I did, at no time were they able too fire me and it was never even threatened. I would highly recommend you getting advice, CAB, ACAS, will both offer you advice.

Yes, in Florida a right to fire people state for any reason. Horrible.


And I wonder how many kind folks here are not surprised and could have told you so!

Awful treatment by an employer but par for the course none the less. People can be harsh and judgemental because they just don't understand. They fear laziness. If we were all like whinging fibros, blah blah! But if they were, how quick would a treatment and cure be found?

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