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Vitamin D

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5 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis; 2 years ago my consultant told me my RA was not active (at that time, though it might come back!) and diagnosed fibromyalgia. I came off my RA meds and went on to Gabapentin. I took this, in increasing doses due to the increased pain, for the next year - until I started to suffer awful anxiety. When I read the list of side effects, anxiety was amongst many others. So I decided, with the help of my GP, to wean off of them. It took several months to do this, and I managed with pain relief. A while ago, whilst wandering around the world wide web, I read an article about the effects of being low in vitamin D. I was seeing my GP for an update and prepared a list of symptoms, what I was doing in terms of self help, asked for a list of previous blood test results. And asked if I had ever had a blood test for Vit D - low and behold, I hadn't. I had it that day, and the results showed that I was low in this Vitamin. I have now been taking prescription Vit D supplements for 2 months and have seen such a huge improvement. Not to say that I never take pain relief, but I certainly don't take it so often! I'm also not blasé about this, and don't for one minute think that that's it, forever - maybe I'm being very lucky in the reduction of symptoms for now - but I'm sure it's too much of a coincidence! Not intending to preach, just telling my experience - it might help someone, somewhere! Happy Christmas to everyone!

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Hi hun- I too HAD an R.A complaint for 7 years which went into remission,I went back because I thought it had started up and was told fibro-the pains do come in the same places.. as for vits- I say it regularly, as someone who has paid the price; do not take vits unless you have had a blood test to say you are defficient, you can overdose and that is a terrible thing to put right. Your gp will give you correct strength of prescribed ones if you need them,, You might notice a famous High St shop that sells these things at inflated prices, has a prime location whilst other shops are struggling, ask yourself why?

VitD in the UK is at a good level when around a 100. Did you have the actual result - as the treatment dose is often guided by the result. I was tested after living here in Crete for several years and found my levels were insufficient. I now take 5000 IU's daily in order to keep my levels optimal. There are important co-factors to be taken with VitD - Magnesium being one and the other is VitK2-MK7 that directs improved calcium uptake from foods away from the arteries and soft tissue. No point in testing for Magnesium as the range is very narrow and the body has a way of keeping levels in the blood at a good level.

It would be good to test at the end of winter to see where you are. City Assays Birmingham - website by the same name - have a Postal Testing Service - if your GP will not test.

VitD is often very low in people suffer with auto-immune issues and other chronic conditions. There is lots of information in the link below - happy reading :-)

If you have absorption/gut issues you can use an under the tongue mouth spray - and some also contain K2. VitD is fat soluble so best taken with the fattiest meal or with something fatty. I use a gel capsule containing olive oil.

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