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Migraine with vomiting


Hi, has anyone else had migraines that lead to extreme vomiting? Mine seem to be getting worse, had to have medication to melt on my tongue to stop the sickness. I’ve also a pain in my right shoulder, that originally started in my bicep, the pain travels from shoulder right down to my wrist, I’ve had this for 2 months, has anyone had this type of problem?

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My daughter was having the same problem, she went to an osteopath who found her shoulder and neck muscles were extremely tight and causing the migraine, since treatment several months ago she has been symptom free.

Tullyanne in reply to bantam12

Thank you bantam 12, I’ve never been to an osteopath but I will check it out, thank you so much 😊

Do check out the pain with the doctor. I had shoulder pain and put it down to fibro for weeks. It wasn't fibro related and after x-ray discovered I had calcific tendonitis. Trouble is because we are used to various pains we tend to blame fibro for everything. If the pain is travelling down it may well be a problem with your neck. I have tingling and hot palms of my hands and pain in biceps but it is neck related - dehydrated discs and osteoarthritis in neck. The chiropractor sorts it for me on a regular basis. I hope you get some relief soon.

Tullyanne in reply to Dinkie

Thank you Dinkie, I keep hoping the pain will ease on its own, I’m definitely going to go down the chiropractor route and hopefully that will help, I’m very grateful for your help 😊

Dinkie in reply to Tullyanne

I couldn't do without my chiropractor - it's me time too which in my view is something we fibro folk seem to do without. Chiropractor is blooming expensive so I have to budget very carefully. My chiropractor is an absolute hoot and keeps me entertained with tales of his home life :)

Tullyanne in reply to Dinkie

I’m going to do my research and hopefully get someone good too, thanks again 😊

I had the same as bantam12 's daughter. Saw a chiropractor who found a bone displaced in my neck ( I could feel it through my skin, strange how the GP missed it,nut then he didn't bother to examine me)

I would get yourself checked over, it's so easy to call all our pains fibro when it could be something else.

I also found a lot if headaches were food related and after keeping a food diary found things as diverse as ginger, pineapple, sugar amongst others caused headaches.

Not had a vomiting headache since I cut out all the food things that were the root of the problem. Might be worth a try keeping a food diary--- include what you drink, too.

Thank you I will go to chiropractor and get checked out, I’m also starting to keep a note of what I eat before an attack, so hopefully I’ll see some sort of pattern occurring, thank you so much 😊

Hi Tullyanne

I have similar problems as you but get a pins and needles affect across my face ,down my neck right arm and leg .

My locum doctor thought I was having a stroke but after bloods ECG and 48hr monitor it all came down to migraine .

I now take beta blockers to help stop them and plus paramax .... Oh and paracetamol for the headaches the beta blockers give me lol

I've found alkaseltser helps with the nausea as some of the migraine tablets were making me worse .

Sue x

Tullyanne in reply to Suzyb2711

Thank you Sue, I’ve never been offered Paramax so that’s really good to know, I’ll try Alkaseltser as well, thank you again 😊

Hi I too suffer from extreme migraines and extremely dreadful vomiting. I went to see my Doctor who prescribed Paramax which is paracetamol and an antisickness drug combined. However sometimes I need extra help with the vomiting to stop me being so sick I have Buccastem which dissolves under the tongue and the antisickness drug then goes straight into your bloodstream which is very effective. I had found that I would vomit up the pills which was no use whatsoever so the Buccastem is a god send. I also have Sumatripan for if the migraines do not go away with the stated does of Paramax.

Good luck in getting the right treatment for your migraines hope you get help soon because there is nothing worse than extreme vomiting. xx

Tullyanne in reply to Mistyang

Thank you Mistyang for your reply, the vomiting is really difficult to deal with, my last migraine a few days ago the doctor prescribed Ondansetron - 10 Zofran melt units and the 2nd tablet worked really well, they melt on the tongue as well, thanks for other advice, I really appreciate it 😊

Hi I’ve got chronic migraines I’m on Toprimate one a night these are a blocker, if one gets through which they do I take a tablet that melts on my tongue (can’t remember name) and one that you must melt between your jaw and lip, I hope that makes sense, that last one stops the sickness. Sending gentle hugs 🤗

Tullyanne in reply to KateAL

Thank you so much for your reply, I have never heard of Toprimate, I’ll definitely ask my G.P, thanks again 😊

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