Struggling with pain the last 5 days - Could it be influenced by the Weather??

I've recently been taking Cherry Juice and I've had more energy and other symptoms have been improving. So when my hip went mad on Wednesday I thought it must be something else. Then my shoulder went, and now I'm in so muh pain in my neck, shoulders right down my back and into my leg.

Has anyone elses pain increased in the last few days? My mother swears it is the rain!!!

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  • Barometric pressure has been proven to affect us just like people with arthritis... You become your own weather gauge... Knowing when the weather is going to change up to 2-3days befor!

  • Yup I drink cranberry juice for the ingredients that are supposed to help arthritis as I have arthritis and fibro, it doesnt work but i like the taste....and I can tell the weather before I even wake up.... My Oh half always says if I am deemed fit to work I can hire myself out to hang on people's walls as a talking barometer ..

    VG x

  • Funny! I can just imagine you hanging in your raincoat on a coat hook!........

  • It's the rain and the cold! I have just returned from a week holiday in Kos where the temperature was 28c and hot. Fibro disappeared an hour after arriving there as it always does when I go abroad to the sun. Have to wait until I am 65 to receive my state pension (I am 60 now) to able to move to Crete which has a short 2 month winter and will be finally rid of Fibromyalgia because I will never return to the UK and it's dreadful climate (and it's dreadful Government).

  • Well said!! I' ve only got another 25 years til my pension, if they don't raise the retirement age!!!

  • it will probably be about 80 by then - except for members of Parliament!

  • I am definitely affected by the weather and like the others on here can usually predict a change before the Met Office. It was lovely to have a little sunshine ten days ago, but my aching body told me it wouldn't last - and here we are back with November gales and rain.

    I think it is connected to low pressure - when I am at my worst, the barometer needle is very low and usually - there is a plus to having this condition then - we can outsmart the Met Office with accurate weather reports!!

  • I have been terrible recently. Hips, shoulders, elbows and neck. Dry eyes and no sleep. Mental health through the floor. I have thought for years that there was an environmental element.

    Gentle hugs


  • Oh Carole, that sounds just like me, pain everywhere you said, and the dry eyes and throat which are driving me mad. Yet when we go away I always feel much better, don't know if is in the mind as we don't go abroad to the sunshine so it's not the weather :-)

  • Yes, I am going through a horrible flare-up, been in so much pain especially on my thigh and calf muscles. Now over the weekend I felt as if I had the flu and spent most of the time in bed. Have to go and get the bus soon as some serious errands need doing. Want to get back asap as I have an urge to go to bed, seeing as I have had 4 hours sleep and been up since 5.30. I bought some cherry juice from a health shop, but it's too expensive to keep buying it. I have even tried just ordinary tonic, but that gave me tummy ache. Was on Citalopram for two days last week and had to stop that too due to severe belly ache. Now I just rely on panadol pain killers. It's so frustrating......

  • I'm sure the weather does affect us. I hate extremes of temperature. If it's really cold I am miserable, and if it gets really hot I feel dreadful, too.

    I long for warm bright days with just a hint of a cooling breeze. I'm sure if we had that every day we would feel so much better! :)

    Moffy x

  • I agree Moffy, 100%. X

  • yes i talked of this a while back,if it;s warm and sunny i am in more pain than ever,i went to tenerife for christmas and was in absolute agony,my other half want's us to go next month he needs a break and so do i.i've been waiting for our proper summer to start so i can go to docs and see if it's someting else other than fibro or arthritis but it hasn't started yet,last weekend was nice,it did affect me badly but not enough to go to docs.jacksiex

  • Hi Jacksie so glad I have read your message only I was beginning to think I was the only one that the heat affected, sometimes I feel so rough I find i have to have the fan blowing on my face even in the cold weather, does anyone else do this, I think maybe the heat takes it out of us and tires us quicker too luv n gentle hugs Cookie alias Dee xx

  • I love reading all the comments. We are a funny bunch, despite our pain.

    I have to say, even though I didn't sleep last night, the pain has subsided. After 5 days of hell, it only occured to me at 11pm last night to take a solphedine - none of the others work for me - it keeps me awake but hey, no pain today, just slow. The memory has got so bad it just doesn't occur to me to take pain relef!! Oh roll on the day we can afford to adjust our living conditions to help our symptoms.

  • Yep , I have been in a flare for the past 7 days , worsse one yet , must be t he weather xx

  • Oh yes! I'm definitely having a few drugs don't work days! Feel like s*** and everything really hurts. Roll on summer - really hoping the couple of days we had at the beginning of the month weren't it! x

  • Ho ho!! The weather DOES affect me, my fibro and my arthritis most definitely! There are those 'professionals', and I use the term lightly, who say the weather could not have any effect on us! WELL, let them have the pain before they come out with stupid things like that eh?? XXXXXX

  • When I asked Rheumotologist as to weather affecting O.A this winter as its been so cold here, she said they think its to do with First the cold aggravates pain due to Fibro, but pressure high or low in weather patterns affects pressure within joints. Shes an excellent doctor and doesn't shrug off my questions.

  • Hi Davinci

    thats great to know. And it makes sense. So now we can plan a little better when we know the forecast - or maybe let the weather people know what the forecast should be.

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