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blood test thyrotoxic ?

has anyone else had blood tests that came back as thyrotoxic ? I looked on the internet and it seems to produce muscle weakness and palpitations and sometimes eye problems. I am going to see my gp wednesday this week. i have attended the james cook hospital today and seen a nurse not a consultant who was really pleasant but i thought i would see the consultant every time as it was only my second visit. she was lovely anyway but told to pace myself and go back in 3 months time.

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I am so sorry you have this .... I looked it up on the Internet too as I hadn,t heard of it..... Please mention it to your gp cos the site I saw it on said sometimes it needs meds hopefully you have it a mild version of it which is just monitored ... Good luck with this



hi I am going to gp tomorrow so fingers crossed will get sorted at least it explains why i have been feeling so much worse lately. started having palpitations and didn't think i was really stressed but this now explains why. I'll be fine i just wondered if any other people had similar things come up in bloods. fibromyalgia has so many symptoms that you never know what is fibro and what is not. it's still best to share anything that comes up to make others aware if having similar symptoms x


Hi linksy,

Am wondering who did the blood tests and why you aren't on meds or told why not.

I had an over active thyroid about 4 years ago that was undiagnosed for several months and really spiralled out of control. wouldn't wish it on anyone.

It wouldn't do any harm to mention it to your doc and get an explanation as to exactly what is going on.

Keep us posted

Take care

Jan H xx


Hi the clinic for m.e /fibro /cfs did the tests about 5 weeks ago they have wrote to my G.P so i am going tomorrow. I insisted on being referred to this clinic even though g.p said they were managing symptoms with pain killers for fibromyalgia. I am so glad they did thorough testing or I would of been struggling with extra symptoms i have and it would of just been put down to fibro again. Hope fully if this gets under control i may start to feel something like half way ok again if that's possible x


Hi Linksy,

I have an under active thyroid which i didn't know i had my Gp said i should have had treatment a year earlier.When i was diagnosed with fibro my Consultant told me your more prone to it if you have thyroid problems.I was also diagnosed with diabetes at the same time this cause's muscle pain if not treated and my sugar reading was 24.5 it also should have been treated months earlier.The moral of my story is if you don't feel well see your Gp,don't put off like i did and make matters worse.

Hope you get sorted soon let us know how you get on.

Take Care

Carol X


Hi all results of bloods took wednesday confirm overactive thyroid had palpitations and couldn't breathe last night so rang docs for result receptionist said abnormal but your dr isn't in today so i insisted i speak to a dr for meds. finally dr rang me to go down to see him. my pulse was sky high and he said he thinks i have graves disease i have been given carbimazole tablets. fingers crossed they help x


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