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I had a blood test, in fact, I thought my thyroid might be a problem but it came back with raised blood sugar levels. They now want me to do a 'fasting blood test' for 8 hours but I can't go without drink and food for that long. The nurse was much nicer than the receptionist and said I could certainly sip water. But I often need to nibble something small (eg nuts & raisins) in the night otherwise I get griping pains and can't sleep. I find it very difficult having blood tests anyway, but this would be nigh on impossible for me. I was wondering if a urine test would be better. I emailed my GP but am still waiting for a reply.

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  • Hi Kirby

    You are not allowed to eat or drink anything except water for 8-10 hours before a fasting blood glucose test because it is used to diagnose diabetes, a condition caused by too much glucose (sugar) in blood. If your levels are still high after fasting then it will give them an idea of what is wrong. I know it is hard but if you can try for just one night they can then find out if there is a problem.

    A urine test will probably not give a very acurate reading.

    Piggy hugs xxxx

  • Thanks PinkPig, yes I knew it was testing for Type2 Diabetes. I certainly couldn't go out with drink for that long. I will need to speak to my GP - the nurse did say i could have sips of water and that makes sense.

    Many thanks for your reply and Piggy hugs xxx

  • I am sure little sips won't hurt.

    Be brave xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Kirby,

    Piggy's right - you'll just have to bite the bullet on this one (not the nuts and raisins!) because it's necessary to get an accurate blood sugar reading when you haven't eaten for a while. It's the standard diagnostic test for type 2 diabetes.

    You can go without food for eight hours so long as you have a little water to drink. You might be uncomfortable, but you won't come to any harm, and it's important to know if you might be diabetic as you will need proper treatment.

    If you are really upset by the thought of a blood test - which I feel may be your worst problem - then tell the nurse!

    Lots and lots of people are needle-phobic, and they can put some special cream on your arm so that you feel absolutely nothing.

    Unfortunately a urine test won't give an accurate picture at all - it only shows if there is any sugar in the urine, not the level of sugar in your blood.

    Please let us know how you get on - we will all be thinking of you!

    Love Moffy x

  • Absolutely right there girls! I echo their words of advice. Please stick to this, it's in your best interest Kirby my dear.

    Wishing you all the best, please let us know how you get on, we are always here for you.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Thanks Libs, m'dear. XXX

  • My pleasure any time Kirby xxx

  • Thanks Moffy.

    No, as much as I'm phobic about the needle I really am more distressed by the thought of no food or drink but I think if I could have sips of water I will just about be OK. I said to the nurse what about chewing chewing gum to stave off any griping pains and she seemed to think that'd be OK!

    Kirby xx

  • Make sure the chewing gum is sugar-free, though!

  • Yes, I only have sugar-free!

  • Moffy's right. A urine test is not as reliable as a blood test. I have T2 diabetes, well controlled I might add, and have to have regular blood tests. I'm quite used to them now, but my veins are really deep and I have to show the nurse exactly where she can find a vein easily. I swear I'll get the site tattooed for future reference!! The urine tests can be misleading and tend to show a higher sugar level than that in the blood. But don't worry Kirby, even if you do have diabetes, it'll be fine!! Good luck chuck!! XX

  • Thanks Sue. My dad had Type2 Diabetes. It would certainly explain the fatigue though I thought that was the fibro. XXX

  • The fatigue can come with diabetes becos of high blood glucose levels. Before I was diagnosed I wanted to sleep all the time and my bloods were really high!! But the fatigue with fibro is different for me, it's not just the tiredness, it's the inability to get a really good night's sleep and not being able to function as I would wish to do, namely, housework, cooking, personal care etc. Having to relinquish some of my independence is one of the worst things I have had to do. I've always been fiercely independent and I still hate asking for help!! XXXX

  • Thanks Sue. Yes, same for me, can't get a good night's sleep and can't function in the way I used to so could be fibro fatigue. After all, I've had this fatigue for a long time now and I'm sure my blood has been tested for sugar not so long ago and was in the normal range. I don't like asking for help, lucky to have my sister - we try and support each other. xxx

  • Any news yet Kirby?! Hope you're feeling ok today xxxx

  • Thanks Libs. I've just been tired and very cold. Also washing machine gone on the blink. :-( xxx

  • Oh dear, I hate it when the washing machine goes wrong. We don't realise what an asset it really is until this happens. I hope you manage to get it fixed soon my dear.

    Take care and try to keep warm if you can. (((hug))) xxx

  • Thanks Libs! You too :-) xxx

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