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Blood tests

i have lost count of how many i have had over the last 4 years. today i was sent because i am showing signs of infection again

8 different tests. my gp is very thorough. the saddest thing i have a

twin and i look like i have aged 10 years over her. she fortunately does not suffer fibromyalgia. neither does anyone else in my family. or maybe they just haven;t reach the severe life altering stage for diagnosis. feeling blue tonight. swollen stomach, pain all over, sore throat and headaches. my neck is killing me so tabs and off to bed. thinking about it i feel its the growing number of infections that sets cfs/me away from fibro.

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somtimes you feel like a pin cushion dont you ,hope you have a good night ,gentle hugs xxx


Have you had a thorough stool test done to check for chronic systemic infections (e.g. Candidasis), parasites and also whether you have enough probiotics?

I had this done privately when I was getting every infection going (swine flu, fungal skin infections, ear infections, thrush, UTIs, etc, etc) as I thought I had Candidasis again and it turned out that actually I'd wiped out my probiotics by taking antibiotics. A high dose probiotic supplement for a few months stopped the endless infections.


hi lyndsey, yes i had one done three months ago, but due to work mediation, i did not complete the blood tests, which i have done now. i am told i do have fermenting gut and not digesting food properly. i have been taking probiotics for the last two years every day. apparently i have dry stomach, low digestive enzymes showing and low pancreatic enzyme production. my gp has been giving me large bottle of gavistone for two years to stop the acid reflux i get. i am wondering now if this has caused the 'dry gut'. i am taking supplements now of digestive enzymes also but am due to see my specialist this month for discussion. i have been told i do not have candidasis. thank you for suggesting checking. will let you know how things go.


Oh poor you especailly when you look at your twin and can see how fibro has changed you, well dont get down at the end of the day you have fibro not looking like it going anywhere for any of us so we have to make most of what we can do and just take each day as it comes we all feel blue a times and thatis natural today is bad day for me but i can only do what i can which is prob sit on sofa lol and that is it but thats how it is today, you take care and as for blood tests i have loads but nothing ever shows up on them so i dont know why they do them but who are we to question? love to you Diddle x


thanks diddle xx


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