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Tip for pain


Hope this tip will help someone else I have. I do two small part time cleaning jobs to pay the bills and get myself out of the house. It really helps me to listen to a audiobook whilst working. I find following the storyline distracts my mind from the pain for a short time. You can download app called borrow box which allows you to borrow audio book from the library for 28 days all free of charge. I also use it in the house. I've tried tons of medicine for the pain over the years and find this is a good short time help. If course once I've finished work and turned it off its back to square one but it's couple of hours out of 24 I'm me again.

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I also find it helps. I had one turned on yesterday while de cluttering my wardrobe and I agree it really is great for short term distraction. It works for me :)

You may not be aware that you can lock your posts to keep what you post private to this community only. It usually helps to generate more replies has most members prefer to reply to lock posts for privacy reasons :) xx


I use craft to help with pain, sewing or card making, sadly baking increases my pain

I always listen to audio books & find them very helpful, I'm a librarian & as Mushmoo says most libraries offer them to download free of charge, but different libraries use different apps so you will need to check, our uses one called RB digital. They really are a great distraction.

Although it's a steuggle. I agree that it is good to work and take my mind off the pain. Even though it doesn't go away. It keeps me sane. Only draw back is the fatigue. I am not going to give in to it yet.

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