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Help for fibro pain

Hey everyone. I'm not sure how well this post will be recieved, so before reading on, please keep in mind that this is coming from a pure place...

I've been suffering with my symptoms for years now, and having only been diagnosed this year, I am still trying to find my way. I've been on here talking to people and sharing tips so this is my latest find.

For the last month, I have rather secretly been taking a product called Niteworks. This is totally natural and is designed to be taken before bed, so that your body gets some help repairing all the damage from the day, that your body goes through. It's working. I've noticed my pain levels have reduced, and my energy levels have improved. If anyone would like more details, please let me know... Xx

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Hi will try anything would love more details x


Ok hun. Ill pm youX


Hi Vicki,

What an interesting find, I will look it up. Could I suggest you edit your post so it doesn't show everyone your mobile no, and instead ask them to private message you.....for your own security, not meant in a nasty way at all, just out of concern :-)

Foggy x


Thank you-didn't even think if that! X


Ps I joined Herbalife so I could buy this so much cheaper and will happily use my discount for anyone on here...


Hi Vicky,can you give me some more details of what this is please?xxx


Have pm you my number


Gentle Reminder

It is advised that the private message module is not used to give out your personal details. As with all community forums and other internet sites you must remember to be careful about your internet safety.

If you supply any personal details to any other member, it is done so at your own risk

Please enjoy the community forum but please remember to be as safe as possible


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I would be grateful for some info on this please.


How much does it cost with a discount, Vicki? I looked it up and on amazon it said $75 for one pot!!! That was amazon US, but I can't find a quote for buying it in the uk.

I feel that anything's worth trying - if it's affordable, sadly I'm not sure that this will be for me.


Hi. It's £55 in the uk but my discount brings it down to £39. X


Hi, I would definitely be interested in anything that helps and isn't an anti depressant. I have had such a bad experience with the anti depressant my doctor has put me on and don't really want to go on another one once I come off duloxetine.


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