I have had a bad three weeks with very bad paid all because some one took it in their heads to report me for benifit fraud I have had the people from the fraud section at my house and they told me it must be some one who has a grudge agaist me he told me to forget about it but that does not help me as I was worried what would happen so as you see this was the cause of my pain I am in some pain still people should think about what they are doing at what probles it causes for people with an illness like ours

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  • I am really sorry to hear that, its just plain disgusting. I'm using that word because the others that are in my head are not suitable for this forum. I personally am feeling a little fed up with my lot today so when I read this I was very angry. I hope that you feel better soon. xo

  • I am feeling some what better but is always going to be in my head who is watching me and also who it was

  • I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. It was very wrong of someone to report you and very childish. Sort of like running to daddy to tell on big brother to get him in trouble. Fortunately the very people sent to investigate you are on your side! Well done! You must have done a good job of showing them you legitimately belonged in their program. Now you can rest easy on that subject and turn your attention to something more pleasant. Please do be gentle with yourself and not dwell on other people's nastiness because that only drags you down. Sending you a gentle but huge HUG!!

  • I am trying to get on with my life people like that are not worth upsetting your self over I say it must be them who are doing it them selves thank you very much for your answer

  • They aren't worth upsetting yourself over but it still hurts. That's what really stinks. It takes a lot of positive things to drown out a negative. Some sources say 10 positives to drown out 1 negative and others say 20 to 1. I think it depends on each person and each incident.

  • They do say it's not what happens to you in life , it's the way that you handle it, so rise above it and put it down to someone who obviously didn't have anything better to do,. take care of yourself and good luck

  • thank you I will do just that I am going to get on with my life it is them who are looking over there shoulders to see what is going on thank you again

  • It is a horrible feeling to wonder who could do this and speaking from experience it makes you suspicious of who is around you and what their motives were.

    I had a man come round who told me I was reported for going to work, when in actual fact I was doing a college class once a week, which my doctor knew and approved. After looking at the homework on the dining room table and matching up my identity with photos around the room, he was quite satisfied. It's not nice though is it? This was about 18 years ago and I never found out who it was.

    The main thing is you have proved to the proper people that you deserve what you are entitled to so please try not to worry.


  • thank you very much I do feel a lot better I just wish I knew who it was but as the saying goes while they a picking on you they are leaving someone else alone thank you

  • wow that is terrible, I'm so sorry this is going on. Take care of yourself and look at the positives xx

  • thank you I will

  • Hello leonard30

    What a horrible thing for someone to do to you :(

    I can completely understand about you wanting to know who it was. I would too.

    The only thing I can think of saying is, if you did know who it was would it make you feel better, or would it actually make you feel worse, as you wouldn't be able to do anything about it?

    It is such a shame that people have nothing better to do than pick on others to make themselves feel better.

    Having an invisible illness is hard enough to cope with as it is.

    No wonder you have been in so much pain. The stress of having all of that going on would most definitely have sent your pain soaring.

    I very much hope that your pain is beginning to settle down a bit now.

    Be kind to yourself

    Lu xx

  • thank you so very much

  • Hi leonard30 , I hate to hear that you were put thru this as it sounds like out of spite. Someone that would do that is capable of just about anything. Glad it's over, we have a saying in the US not sure about the UK....Keep your enemies close!! Take care, be blessed.Peck 🐤

  • thank you a very lot it help me to look at the good and not the bad

  • Hi leonard30 that's a horrid thing for someone to do, there are certainly some nasty people out there my friend. I really do feel for you, life is enough of a struggle without having to worry about finances. I do hope it gets sorted out very quickly for you and I wish you well.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan xx

  • thank you you are so very kind

  • Hi leonard30

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that somebody could act so spitefully and nastily to you my friend. I am so truly delighted that you were able to sort it though, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you for your kind words I am grateful to you it made me feel a lot better i am no looking froward and holding my head up to show them I am ok

  • Good luck my friend

  • Hi like everyone here is saying it is really terrible that someone has done this to you. They can't have much in there life's or they are very jealous of you. I always say what goes around comes around. Keep your head held high and just look after yourself. Sending you a warm hugs Jan xxxx

  • Thank you

  • I heard that something like 95% of investigations are grudge reportings and a waste of time. It is a cheap way of getting your own back on someone, because the DWP pay. (I wonder how much these investigations cost?) The DWP could wake up to this abuse of their system but they don't seem to want to. Is there perhaps an aganda to make 'Sitting' on benefits uncomfortable? I am sorry you went through this awful experience. Can I suggests you ask your GP to organise some counselling. I'm concerned this upset will play on your mind. I had a friend go through similar and it really messed with his head and health. He thought he would just get over it but couldn't. I wish I'd suggested he get professional help before he closed himself off. The authorities should know the damage being caused and that there is a price to pay for damaging people.

  • Thank you I will do that

  • Thank goodness they believed you were genuine, some very jealous people out there when it comes to money, never mind the pain you are in to be awarded benefits. Take a deep breath and rise above their meanness, which in itself is a form of sickness. It is difficult when you do not know who reported you and your mind will be spending a lot of time trying to sort out who it actually was. It is at this point you must practice some Mindfulness and stop the brain from working overtime. Be confident you have been assessed as entitled to the benefit and let all the rest go. Don't let anybody spoil your life especially as you have enough dealing with fibromyalgia. Try now to stay positive and refuse to let their negativity get to you, on this website we know the battles people can encounter with others so keep coming back for reassurance if you need it. Stay strong x

  • Thank you very much

  • It's difficult enough to get through the day with illness, some people just have too much time on their hands and make judgement on things they have no right to do.

    Try not to worry or use energy thinking who did this ... they must have a sad life to meddle, hold your head high you have done nothing wrong

  • thank you very much I will do

  • This is the exact reason I work a 42 hour week . I go to work on if I'm lucky 2 to 3 hours of broken sleep. I stand or sit on my perch stool for 9 hours a day in discomfort but moderate because of the amount of drugs I take. I come home and collapse on the sofa . I pay full rent etc I'm in debt up to my eyes cause the rent and house tax is 2 thirds of my wage. I get over 30 prescription items a month luckiky I get a pretty payment card which I pay 10. 40 a month. But I do this because 12 years ago someone did the exact same thing to me. I was working above board 16 hours a week I even sent my wage slips in every month. But once a fortnight my then job included cleaning in a garage which meant I actually worked 16.5 hours a week. Someone reported me because they thought I must have been living the life of Riley. So for the 18months I worked I earned 4500 pounds but it didn't seem stop there I had to pay housing benefit back etc which was 18000 pounds I will be paying this debt back until I'm 90.I never did anything under hand I said you requested my wage slips each month which I sent so you knew I did this once a fortnight. But No I should have verbally have let them know because they don't look at the wage slips????

    So when people Drs specialists say to me you shouldn't be doing my work I say your alright I will manage I've got to. Purely because of people like this who have nothing better to do and your right. You will always be thinking who it is. Cause I still ask that question to this day. Usually it's someone you know well even family . The DHSS bloke told me that.

  • thank you

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  • thank you I will do

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