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Rubbish day

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Well I had a heart by scan last Friday and had a go appointment today. Go has had a report from scan and tells me they have found that I have a mild blockage of the artery that runs down the centre of my heart. I have to wait to hear from the cardiologist. She thinks they may prescribe meds to lower my cholesterole level. It's within ok range she tells me but I have just taken it badly and got upset and had a good cry. I also have been having really painful feet and I thought it was down to the fibro. She then tells me it's plantar fasciitis so that just finished me off. I just need some words of wisdom from this amazing group.

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Think of the positive at least they have found out what is wrong and can do something about it but I can imagine it was a shock to you as I would think you were hoping to be told your heart was ok. It is human nature to go into panic mode when we hear we have anything wrong with our hearts. Heart problems run in both sides of my family and I have the genetic type of high chlorestrol so have had to have HBP tablets and chlorestrol lowering drugs from in my 40's and they have really helped to lower both to more acceptable levels. The type of heart problems we have to worry about are the ones we don't know about if you get my drift.

Planter vasculitis (ouch) don't envy you that but when I looked into it for a friend I was surprised to read that something like one in ten people would develop it sometime.It usually gets better in time as hers has done and so far it hasnt reoccurred She rested more, forgot her high heels and wore good supportive footwear with some heel pads to take the pressure off, they increased her painkillers for a while and if I recall right they gave her some exercises to do.

Let us know when you go to th cardiologist. Thinking of you. By the way nothingo be ashamed of with having a cry gets it out of your

As rosewine has said there is no shame in having a little cry. It is scary being told you have issues with arteries/heart and then with the added pain of plantar fasciitis, I would feel the same. We are allowed to feel sorry for ourselves sometimes so have a good cry and then once that's out your system and the initial upset is over, you can hopefully find encouragement in the fact that your artery issue can probably be sorted with meds rather than anything more intrusive and plantar fasciitis doesn't last forever. In the meantime, we are here to support you and be your (virtual) shoulder to cry on. Take care and keep us posted on how you get on. x


I had sore feet and thought it was that but turned out I had trapped nerve in foot and was having spasms in my feet caused by fibromyalgia but I got robaxin for spasms and its really have you to go see foot Dr?

Hi sweetie πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸŒΏπŸ¦‹

I’m so sorry you got this heart news and the foot pain diagnoses.

You can talk to me anytime I’m willing to listen and try to comfort and support you.

My hubby has heart disease with blockages. He had the blockages cleaned out and stents put in. He has done great with them.

You have to eat a low cholesterol diet and exercise to help your heart. Your foot pain might be relieved by adding cushion inserts to your shoes like Dr. Scholl’s.

I hope you get relief from both problems soon. Take care dear

EJ πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸŒΏπŸ¦‹πŸ€—πŸ’—πŸ˜˜πŸ™

Hi Paige

It does sound like yesterday was a pretty rubbish day don't be too hard on yourself you obviously needed to let it all out. Hopefully this morning you will be able to look at it all differently as another member said it's positive it was found & they are talking about treatment. I have had PF in the past and it was really painful, isn't there some exercises with rolling a tennis ball 🎾 I remember doing?

'There is always rain before a rainbow.🌈'

Hope today is a better day all round

Pen XπŸ’œπŸ€—

Hi. Sorry to hear your feeling so down at the mo but its not surprising after all the news youve had. Try to hold on to the fact that they know what the problem with your heart is so can now help you. As far as your painful feel my husband suffers with it but has found the more he rests it the better it gets also having good insoles in his shoes has helped. Keep your chin up and i hope you feel better in yourself soon. Xxx

Thank you all for your kindwords. I do feel a lot better today after the good cry. You are all amazing. I will keep you updated.

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No problem it’s all about kindness and passing it on as it some comes around again 😘 we really do understand this Fibrolife too πŸ™‚

Pen XπŸ’œπŸ€—

Fibro can cause mood swings Paige1999. If anyone has medical appointments can make you anxious. Knowing what the issues are is good news really as it stops the basic 'What is wrong with me?' concerns. You have clearly got a good medical team on your case who should treat you well. As Rosewine wrote keep forum updated and we will do our best to help where we are able. No mention of family/friends supporting you at this time. Let them know if you are close how you feel.

Hi skit, thank you for your kind words. My family are great. Both my daughters came with me when I had the scan and got me through it as they had trouble at the hospital getting my heart rate down. My girls sat with me and calmed me down. They have taken me out today and bought me some comfortable footwear. I will keep the group updated on my progress. Thank you again.

Hi Paige.

I totally sympathies with you.

Crying is good release for the body but make sure it's in moderation.

An yet some times we just can't stop till we fall asleep with fatigue .

I was dignosed in 1999 with FMS... Fibro myalgia syndrome. Then in 2001 I was dignosed with M.E ...myalgic encephalomyelitis.

3 years ago I was dignosed with osteoarthritis in my cirvical and lumber spine and last year in my two knees . Last week I was dignosed with NFD. Neurologcal function disorder. An over the last few years I was dignosed with a number of other physical conditions one of them microvascular Angina. So yes I totally understand how you feel and my only advise is that having stress kick's off a flair up of other physical conditions a person has. So though I'm a right one to talk at the moment, but having either a warm shower pointing in a upwards position onto painful muscles spasms and as to your heart massage Very gently upwards from end of your ribs up over your chest an heart to your neck an up the two glands of your neck. If you have a bath then soak in a small bit of lavender , margarum an tea tree essential oils same as the shower, use a exfoliating glove and very gently do the massage I mentioned above. When you are drying always dry upwards from your ankles to your neck. This all helps the blood circulation properly and keep the vessels open. As to the emotional side you can play the likes of guided imagery relaxation from YouTube. Jason Stephenson or Mike Seeley or relaxation vacation they are some good ones to help you focus on not being overwhelmed with upset and turmoil. I so hope all of this helps and if I can be of help please let me know. Wishing you a pain free New week ahead. Keep strong Ce.πŸ€—

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