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Pain management clinic fail and just prescribed Pregabalin


I have a lot of different problems but this week has been all about the Fibro.

On Monday I went to the chronic pain management clinic induction, unfortunately I had a panic attack and had to leave before it even started. However I did get to speak to one if the psychologists who very kindly gave me some info and asked me to call back once I’d read it.

I saw my doctor this morning and she prescribed me pregabalin 75mg to ‘see how I go’ and that she would call me in a week.

Reading all the info I am a bit apprehensive but I am giving it a go. Fingers crossed that I don’t have any side effects - I would be very appreciative if anyone can share their experiences with me

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hi Sazza57, sorry to hear that you are struggling so much this week. i'm on pregabalin, and it helps me with my fibro/nerve pain . if it works for you, and you don't get too many side effects - it can make a difference xxx

Hi Sazza

I've done a 13 week pain management programme, once a week, half days, and I found it very useful and would recommend it, it's usually facilitated by a psychologist, with a physio, and an OT and together it works well.

I was prescribed Lyrica by a Rheumatologist a while back and only managed to take it for 2 days, I had dreadful problems from it, it didn't suit me at all. I would just recommend researching Pregabalin and Fibromyalgia, because I was told that prescriptions of Pregabalin, MUST be prescribed as Lyrica, and not Pregabalin, if it is prescribed for Fibromyalgia, and I believe this is in part due to studies on efficiency, safety, effectiveness, whether there are issues etc, but there maybe more to it. I thought the recommendations for prescribing, were that a Rheumatologist was to prescribe initially, not a GP, so delve into this a bit more too. And lastly I believed initial dosage should be the minimum dose as the starting point, which is 25mgs, and not 75mgs, so I would recommend double checking this too with the Rheumatologist to make sure this GP you have seen, hasn't prescribed a too higher dose as a starting point, and indeed hasn't offered you something that perhaps a Rheumatologist should have, instead, just to be safe and cautious.

Hope this helps and good luck, Claire

I was given garbapentin about five years ago made me very ill lots of adverse reactions to it they stopped it put me on pregabalin a few months later when they started increasing the dose I had similar reactions . They have tried different medications with me but I have to stick to cocodamol it's the only thing that doesn't make me feel worse . I think it's trial and error till they find a way of controlling the pain with medication not letting it control you . Its horrible being in constant pain not sleeping and feeling so weak , this last few weeks things have got much worse for me not sure if it's cos it's so warm or the reduction of the steroids they put me on they thought I had polymyalga untill a couple of months ago but no it's fibro according to reumatoligist. Hugs being sent not everyone has adverse reactions if it works for you that's great you try anything to control the pain . Xxxx carol

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