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Pain management programme

Hi hope everyone is as well as they can be.

I am starting a pain management programme tomorrow and am very excited to start. I am hoping that I will learn better ways of coping and looking after myself.

It is a ten week programme where a small group if people with chronic pain go and meet with docs, nurses, physios and a psychiatrist.

Has anyone else done anything like this? And did it help?

Gentle hugs to all - wish me luck!


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Hi beckyglen

That sounds really interesting! I have not done anything like that myself but I would jump at the chance of it was offered to me. I genuinely hope that it goes wonderfully well for you, and please let us all know how it went and what happened please?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


hi yes we are lucky Dumfriess and Galloiway Hospital Trusts run these every six months - you need a consultant to recommend you.



I saw a pain Management consultant about 10 years ago re spinal problems and he was like a breath of fresh air, gave me so much help, support and pain relief. I don't live in the same area now and I believe in the north east where I am now pain clinics are few and far between.


I went on a similar course recently run by my hospital physio and a psychologist, it was so refreshing to be able to talk freely about how pain affected our lives, and how to deal with them, right down to the intimate relationships. We learnt relaxation techniques and were given a cd and exercise sheets. I would recomend anyone to see about getting a referral.


Hi I did a pain management course a year ago, which was run by the Rheumatology department at my local hospital

At that time people here were very interested in how the course went, so I reported the details of my first three sessions.

They were lengthy descriptions, so rather that try to recall everything I said and type it all again, here are the links to those posts:




I hope these are useful to you, and if you need more information feel free to PM me.



I have and it was the best help I have ever had. I even got some extra support from the psychologist after the course has finished. Good luck. I hope your experience is equally good.





No have not done this but it was suggested to me last week at the Muscular Skeletal clinic, it seems it could be beneficial so will probably do some research to find a local group near me. Best of luck and let us know how it goes. Hugs x



I am on waiting list to go on one going to information day next week please let me know how u get on take care

Love beth x


Me too I'm waiting for appointment for pain clinic hope you get on ok x


I was ready to start one, but the next group doesn't start till September and I'll be in Essex by then so can't attend. Hope it works out for you, the lovely people there sent me a list of useful websites to look at - now I just need 5 minutes to have a look.


Hi my rummie has suggested one for me , but there is a 9 month waiting list in mid Wales .i am in fact quite leased as my pain is always worse in the winter months . Good luck with yours . Chris


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