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Pain clinic

Morning all. Had first app at pain clinic yest! Had a one to one session as i couldnt commit to their 3dy wk sessions. Anyway saw one of the team nice lady who turned out to b a physiciatrist!! Spent whole time watching my movements etc. I spent whole time crying in between her questions! Dont knw why i seem to cry everytime i c someone medical to tlk about this condition. Was a very good session, i have some areas to work on and go bk in 2 months. Nice to b understood and offers of lots of help. I mentioned our forum and she said this was good. Gave me lots more info on condition etc. Also have access to specialist nurse to talk about meds if i need too. So well worth anyone going to one of these if u get the option. X

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Aww cherie, what a relief you must feel.

I am so pleased you have had a positive appointmnet. :)

Hope all the help and support helps you. :)

big hugs kel xxx


Tnx kel. Hugs to u too x


Hi Cherie, i had a Drs. appointment yesterday and have been refered to a pain clinic, i am glad it was good for you, and thanks for posting as was a bit worried, hugs, Sue. xxx


good glad you felt you got on ok dont worry about the crying i am the same i seem to cry at all the things i go to lately when i start talking about it even the council tax office lol they jus lookm at me as if i should be locked up lol (perhaps i should ) lovw to you diddle x


I was only officially diognosed with FM last year. Having beern treated for RA for years. When the Consultant said I definately DIDN'T have RA, but had Fibfomyalgia, I thought I was being 'fobbed off' with a 'Nothing' condition. When I saw my GP and was given information about it, all was made clear! ALL my "ailments" were listed. So I wasn't imagining it then? I was then refered to the Pain management Clinic. I have completed 7 of 8 sessions. I have to say I have found it rather depressing.I am the only one who is still working. I was made redundant as a Teaching Assistant just before I was finally diognosed. I was told by the DWP that I couldn't sign on for Job Seekers, as I was considered to have a dibilitating illness. Instead I had to claim ESA. Luckily I have found another part time job in the private sector. I had high hopes of the Pain Clinic, but really feel it hasn't told me Why I have FM. What actually causes it and more importantly how it will progress. As I work I don't have the option of getting up later in the morning. Not working when the pain & stiffness are really bad. I follow what is considered a NO NO. The Boom & Bust senario. I work on through the pain until I can't do any more and then the brain fog closes in and my brain feels it has been vaccumed out! I am fearful that I won't be able to continue working for the length of time I had hoped. I am 60, but can't claim my state pension until May 2013. However, I really don't want to admit to being 'disabled'. Some days I am so stiff and in such pain I truely would qualify. Another day I can garden and move things arround in my garden as I used. On those days I certainly would be classed as a benefit cheat.

Sorry if this sounds very muddled. But I haven't yet accepted my condition being progressive and I have no real hope of anything in my present situation helping me from day to day. Is anyone else in this situation?

I lost my husband to MS and am the guardian of 2 teenage boys. So home life not a breeze either!


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