PIP Assessment..no physical examination/copy of form?

Hi All,

I recently had a PIP assessment. Boy, stressful and exhausting! Absolutely escalated everything.

Anyway the assessor said at the end she won't do a physical examination as I said at the beginning 'please avoid touching my lower legs and arms as so painful'. I then asked (at the end)if that was ok not for her to from my assessment/application point of view and if required to do then to do.. She said no as doesn't want to hurt me.

Was this a good or bad thing she didn't do?? Anyone had same experience..what was the outcome? I have poor mobility which is a large part of my claim..how can my mobility be reported on without physical assessment I wonder??

Also when should I request a copy of the report? Do I have to wait ?

Appreciate your replies xx

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  • Its really hard to say. Cos when I had mine she said I wasn't to do anything that would be to painful, so I didn't, got refused, so appealed, got all the paper work and she wrote I DID EVERYTHING, bend to reach ankles etc, did I hell. So really don't go by how nice they are, its all an act

  • Omg why are they so awful!! Gut instinct for was distrusting but hope proved wrong... just so many bad reports about untrue reporting.

    Will wait and see eh... eek.


  • Did you get your appeal and was you alone at the assessment?

  • I had to withdraw it cos social work left my original form empty, she put names of conditions, meds, then ticked boxes saying yes need help & that was it

  • Started again but cab got it in 2 days late, phoned them to ask them to accept it late, told me it was accepted but found out 3 months later they didn't

  • So sorry you've had a tough time with them. It's tough enough just doing forms etc initially but for it to go on is just crazy.x

  • That's awful dizzylynn, talk about being unprofessional!

    How they can sleep in their bed at night, amazes me?

    I do wonder about them.................................... xx

  • Hi ryanbone10 , I must say from what I've read I totally agree! ! Glad I don't have to deal with them . Peck.🐤

  • Me neither peck, at this point in time anyway! x

  • I had similar. Asked me to stand up then on one leg. I had to grab out for husbands hand to steady me. When he was leaving I stood to say goodbye and shook his offered hand. From where I was sitting to front door is 3 steps. I took 2. My report amazed me - apparently I was "observed" walking 5 metres!

  • They always say that to you and from the majority of posts on the forum and my own experience it can mean nothing unfortunately. One said the same to me, the bed she wished to examine me on was right in a corner hemmed in on two sides with no step up. I would have had to get in it on my hurting side and knew I would need help to get off. OH had a bad back so wouldn't be able to help me. I explained this and said I was more than willing to try but would have difficulty getting off so she told me not to do it. On the assessment form she put "refused to let me examine her on bed". She did some manipulation of legs and I had to push against her hand and cried out in pain and she put on form "was not trying to do exercise". I asked for a mandatory reconsideration as they had made a big boob on something and I was dying to go to Tribunal to make them look idiots. As soon as I pointed it out they knew I had them by the short and curlies and within three days they wrote back to say I had the award. I know I won't be so lucky this time.

    Sometimes if it is a clear cut case and in that case I can never understand why they ask the person to have an assessment a physical examination isn't done and I sincerely hope that is what has happened to you.

    Personally I would see what happens and ask for the full assessment if you are refused as it is amazing what errors can be found. Good luck😁

  • Its shocking what they get away with, I hope I get a different person this time, the one my das got, cos the b***** I got seen me when I was in with Kyle a few weeks later and actually had the nerve to say you should have got high rate, but my appeal pk came in a few days later & I seen what she actually wrote. Lies nothing but lies.

  • Thanks rosewine....I will find out at some point..fingers x'd

  • I had similar at my ESA assessment. The nurse didn't examine me because she said she didn't want to increase my pain. I worried at the time this would go against me but I actually got put in the support group so I think this means they understand you are not faking it and don't feel the need to put you through this. Hope the out come is what you want. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Thanks Hebden....good to hear wasn't an issue. I am a real worrier, so hope all fine.x

  • Hi everyone, I haven't heard of PIP can anybody explain it?

  • Hi i am guessing you are not based in the UK?.

    PIP is a payment award in the UK, it stands for Personal Independance Payment, it replaces DLA which was Disability Living Allowance and every new cllaimant can only apply for PIP, all claimants on DLA are being re assessed and have to under go a full new application for PIP regardless of their previous awards or condition, many things in UK like blue badge, travel passes etc rely on these official awards, not to mention considerable financial awards. Hope that helps.

  • Did you take medical reports from various hospitals and g.p with you? that might have been enough to satisfy the assessors need to physically examine you. When I had mine the assessor had to help me from the chair as I elbowed my way up from the other side of his desk! I think they can see and understand us as we walk in their room. Good Luck it shouldn,t be more than 6 weeks until you get a reply and I was sent my report with my reply.

  • Hi Caz,

    It was a home assessment. Medical evidence including gp with application and another sighted on assessment.

    I hope with that and seeing me was enough for her (positive).


  • I'm from the US so not sure of this.I do wish you the best outcome on your claim . Peck.🐤

  • I have never been through anything of this nature myself but I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Be prepared to fight for it. 99 percent of claims get refused now and you have to appeal. It's just the way it's set up now to save them a lot of money. Shame they are hitting genuine people.

  • What walking aids do you use? and were they prescribed as necessary by physio or doctor?, if they consider they have enough evidence they dont need to carry out physical examination at assessment. Mine just asked me who supplied my electric wheelchair and i said its an NHS wheelchair the I.D tags are on there. It seems the fight you have to go through to get an NHS wheelchair is recognised as so tough that they tend not to question it further. Were you hoping for care award as well as mobility?

  • I also have mobility problems after a stroke and have heart problems and I attended my assessment in July I was only in for 20 minutes and she told me she was not going to get me to do any physical examination due to my problems so hopefully it all went ok I am still waiting for the decision al I have receveid was a text over 11 days ago saying they had all the information they need to make a decision but I am still waiting ! cheers Ian

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