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Hi. I've just joined this forum,so thought I'd introduce myself. I was diagnosed with fibro about 4 year ago. I've tried all the meds and nothing seems to work, so haven't seen my GP for about a year now. Just had a PIP reassessment and it seems (apparently based on medical evidence, which I did not submit and the fact that the assessor though I can walk up to 200 meters repeatedly with no problems) I no longer have a mobility issue and have had my PIP cut by £100 a month. In reality, my mobility is worse; I now have to use a stick and can barely walk from one end of the living room to the other without severe pain. I have, of course, asked them to reassess this, but without any fresh medial evidence,I am doubtful it will make a difference. Has anybody had a similar experience? Any advice? Thanks.

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  • Hi, welcome to the forum. Oh dear I am so sorry to hear of your awful assessment. The thing is the "Officials" need medical proof from Gp's or Consultants about our mobility issues. I would think you should see your GP and explain why you haven't bothered to see him and to ask for a medication review then appeal your assessment only this time with a letter from your GP who can explain your problems. I am afraid you may have to twist your GP's arm to get him/her to look at other medication and when you are re-assessed let them know that you can no way walk 200 metres without stopping and starting and being in great pain.

    Hopefully the powers that be will then realise that you aren't up for the Olympics and are actually in pain and in need of support.

    Good luck.


  • Thank you. I had thought about asking my GP for a letter, but he charges £20 (I think) a time for these, unless specifically asked by the PIP people, and I still have no idea whether he will back me up or not, so in 2 minds about that one!

    I did tell the assessor at the time (as did my daughter who came with me) that I can barely walk and am in a lot of pain, but they seem to have decided we were making it up or something!

    Will definitely go back to my GP for a review though, I'm probably overdue one anyway!

  • I honestly think that's your best bet. I know GP's charge for letters but if the DWP ask him for a letter he wont charge you and as long as he can say he sees your regularly and that you have serious problems I am sure that will help.

    Sadly the DWP don't take our word for much.

    Good luck.


  • Hi Heltadelta

    If Assessment people ask GP for medical evidence for PIP they do have to pay for it which is why most often they make no contact with GP.

  • Oh well I have seen several letters from my GP to the DWP when Ive had assessments. Maybe my GP doesn't mind paying???


  • Hang onto that GP

    Its not the GP who charges he gets paid by assessors to provide letters if they request them

  • Lol, oh well probably why my GP sends letters without complaint then.

    Thanks for that Rose.


  • I paid for my G.P letter 68 pounds!! My Dr told me you shouldn't need one I have 8yrs being under the care of my Rheumatologist who because I have been diagnosed with R A,Osteoporosis Spine/Hip, severe hypertension, high cholesterol I also because of all I have been through( like most of us dealing with benefit claims also have Depression and now to top it all I have now being diagnosed with Fiibromiagia!! not forgetting I have Asthma and with all that I still dread my P I P assessment my last one was for three years but i still panic so Yes Yes Yes get any appointment letters you have and personably i would get all the information possible and if you can manage do get a letter from your Doctor lastly it is not in the main your illness But the way it affects you on a daily basis. I know the letters are costly But especially if you dot not have a lot of paperwork it could turn out to be well worth it! Good Luck!!

  • I asked my GP - he just said if they need one, they will contact him. So it looks like a letter from him isn't an option. I don't have any recent paperwork etc as I don't see any specialists or therapists. I guess this isn't looking good. It was the same with the initial assessment though, and I'm actually less mobile now than I was then, and I was awarded the lower rate for mobility. I don't understand why they have now taken that away. :(

  • Your DR is just being!!! We'll I o not know what he is being(certainly NOT helpful, they may well follow on the medical evidence you have but. I do not believe DWP will be Proactive in obtaining evidence in support of your claim as far as they are concerned they are looking to disprove your claim rather than hep prove your claim, sorry to be so cynical but,I wonder how many claimants are put of asking for help because of how difficult it can be, the one thin you need is Evidence. Evidence and more Evidence!! Don't be put of by my last statement jut bit of( tongue in cheek!!) Good luck.

  • P.s I know its a pain as my GP isn't up to much but you will need medical support and proof that you see your GP regularly regarding your pain and mobility issues.


  • Go for MR ask for a copy of your Assessirs report straight away. If they have based it on medical evidence which is non existent you have to ask what are they basing it on? Look at the descriptors and match your circumstances to match the correct descriptors. Ask your GP or OT to confirm how far you can walk your Gp shouldn't charge you for this and nor should your OT. Did you use your stick in the assessment? Were you asked to walk im the assessment ? How far did you say you could walk? Can you do it repeatedly and reliably ie if you walked 20m/50m/200m etc could you do it again or repeatedly and every day if you have to rest afterwards and could not do it again that day then the answer would be you do not meet that descriptor as you cannot do it repeatedly or reliably! These words are crucial!!! Hope this helps! M x

  • I don't have an OT. When I match my circumstances to the descriptors, I get a full 12 points, as I am unable to use public transport unless I have somebody with me to help me on and off and I can't stand and wait for busses etc, but I was told that the public transport bit is only for mental health, not physical. I did use my stick in the assessment and both myself and my daughter told the assessor that I can only walk very short distances and that this leaves me in severe pain. I also told them if I pushed myself to walk further despite the pain, I would be unable to walk at all for several days after. I was not asked to walk in the assessment. x

  • PS - have already requested MR, but with no supporting medical evidence, not holding my breath!

  • Public transport is a issue and unless I am wrong! I have been known to get things wrong!! If mobility is a problem how would it be possible to use it as a means of transport if you cannot walk to catch one! Check that out! Plus even if a Bus stop was right outside your front door, how aboat the return journey. I think you will. Find it can be used in support of your claim. Good luck.

  • When I phoned up to make MR I did say I am unable to walk to or stand and wait at a bus stop and even if I did manage that, I would be so stiff and in so much pain, when the bus arrived I wouldn't be able to get on it. The lady on the phone repeated it back to me, so I assume she got it all down! She also asked me how far I could walk without having to rest or without pain - I said about the length of the front room in my house, so nowhere near 200m! Hopefully, whoever gets the job of looking at it all again, will consider this enough to qualify for something! Will keep you all posted x

  • Welcome to the forum you will get lots of support and help from everyone . I can see you've had some good advice already so good luck with seeing the GP. Just going from my own experience this year although I think I've had fibromaylia awhile now managed to get a descent doctor at my surgery who made diagnosis what he does is book my appointment s and sees me every so often I think that way if you can stick to the same GP they have a better idea of your case history . Xx

  • Welcome to the FMAUK Community wrighty54

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