Fibromyalgia pain

Hi I was just wondering if anybody else has problems with there upper abdomen I have suffered for years the pain is so bad I can't walk, I have been to the doctors they have no idea why it's like this I have been to hospital and I have had a camera down and they don't understand why I am suffering so bad so if anybody else has this have they been told it fibro related. Thanks


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  • Hi Carah

    I think have the same and it was particularly bad over Christmas-New Year. My upper stomach blows right out and I can't get comfortable in bed or sitting.

    It also means the bottom of my bra feels like my stomach is being strung tight across which is even more uncomfortable.

    I put it down to IBS which I know does affect a lot of fibromites.

    Sorry I can't be more help.


  • Thanks for getting back to me i am glad it ain't just me I can't even wear a bra as it hurts my shoulders and my back is also have ibs. I have been in hospital for a week with this pain but they could not help, that was a few years ago now well let's hope 1 day we will find out what it's all about. Thanks again


  • Hi Carah

    What sort of pain is it? I'm guessing the hospital ruled out ulcers and hiatus hernia etc.

    I wonder if it could be indegestion?Please don't be offended. Indegestion can be extremely painful.

    I get very bloated after I've eaten.

    Have you tried cutting out various foods from your diet to see if that works?

    I'm sorry I can't think of anything else.

    I hope you get some relief from the pain soon.

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu x


  • It's hard to explain the pain but it's that bad I am rolling around in agony I don't have any of above and I had nothing to eat even drinking water brings it on as well I have seen a dietitian and I am back there in 2 weeks as she could not do anything untill I had the camera. Thanks for your help. LU X

  • Hi

    Have they looked at Gall Stones or kidney stones

    These can be very painful

  • Hi rose54 I have had my gall blader removed years ago but not looked at kidney stones I get a lot of pain in my ribs I don't know what that's all about it feel as if I am moaning all technical time so I am sorry to everyone if I am. Thanks for the advice on kidney stones.


  • Hi Carah, mine was H. Pylori - a bacterial infection

  • Thanks max3 I will look into it.

  • i would also ask for a barium swallow test,

  • Hi rainbow58 I was told I was having that but had carma but I hope that is still going to happen but thanks for the advice.

  • i would check with your surgery see if a referral has been placed

  • I will do when i get another appointment as i had a locome to day but i have finally got some pain meds they have given me Gabapentin I take 1 one day 2 the next day then 3 the day after and then see how I am. Thanks For the advice

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