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Just been prescribed Pregabalin and taken 2x25mg doses and it has given me the worst muscle pain i have ever experienced, taking no more. Have tried so many different Meds thought this one might be the ONE, Worse than the pain I got from Duloxetine,

all these drugs meant to treat Fibro, make mine worse. Why?

The Psychiatrist I saw said the Fibromhas made my system sensitive, which is bad luck.

Feel really depressed at the moment.

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I wonder whether it's worth staying off any meds for a time and finding other ways of managing the pain? Just a thought, sorry if it's unreasonable. you might try Vit B12, C & D if you haven't already done so, also Rhus Tox (from Amazon) for muscle spasms if you get them. As well get referred by your GP to a local pain management programme if you haven't tried that. If those don't work I would see a homeopath if you can afford it. You've nothing to lose after trying meds.


It doesn't help with everything you are experiencing just now. You really must look after yourself, take it from someone who knows, being a carer is hard on you, when you get the slightest chance do something just for you, I learned the hard way. Do take care. Lou xxx

Fluffymare in reply to lou60

Thank you for your message, but taking care if my husband is taking a toll on me, pain so bad I took some Pregabalin, and it has made it 10 times worse, I found out there is a interaction between Lorazepam and Pregabalin, but Dr said it was ok to tske both, I think it has enhanced the side effects. In real bad pain tonight.

Graham is hard work caring for him, still in bed, Physio's are working to get him up and downstairs, carers coming in but only stay a few minutes, I have usually done most if the toilet ing before they arrive, telephone going,District Nurse, Viability Nurse, washing, hardly any time to myself, feel a prisoner in the the house.

Feeling really depressed tonight, feel my world has collapsed, and want a good cry.


lou60 in reply to Fluffymare

It may get easier given time. Always someone about here. xxx

Fluffymare in reply to lou60

Went to bed last night in horrendous pain, even with my sleeping pill took time to get sleep,then was woken by my husband at 2a.m

Wanting to know what time it was, was it time to get up, what he wanted for breakfast, could not get back to sleep so just lay there

He has a hospital bed with an air mattress and the noise it makes us enough to wake the dead when he moves, I shouted at him to keep quiet, then felt awful.

Of course when I got up he had gone back to sleep, still in pain

Feel like doing nothing today, but Physio's coming , carers, and so on. Our house has never looked so untidy. Wish I could see the end of the tunnel


lou60 in reply to Fluffymare

Don't worry about the housework, I just do enough to keep it sanitary, if I feel particularly lively a bit more gets done. I make good use of antibacterial wipes and polish wipes keep them all over the house, make a point of throwing out rubbish as it comes along and that's that. Used to be very tidy but that ship sailed some time ago. Lou xxx


I tried pregabelin had similar problems went back to gabapentin

Hi Fluffymare

I am so sorry to read this and I genuinely hope from my very soul that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

So sorry to read that nothing seems to be going any better for you. Did you realise that carers can also have an assessment of their needs not jsut the person they are caring for? Have you got a Crossroads care scheme in your area or something similar that could give you a few hours respite for you to get out and do something for just you? Thinking of you at this most difficult time. Soft

same problem here, are you on medications now

I have been at pain mgt clinic for over 7 yrs now and i've been on lyrica (pregbalin) 300mg x 2 . oxycodone 35mg x 2, Oxynorm capsules, amitriptylene and clonazepam

I tried to reduce pregbalin but pain mgt says anything less than 600mg per day is useless as my memory is terrible and thinking it's the meds

I always thought it was arthritis in every joint as ive had 2 hip replacements , arthroscopy of shoulder and foot, Spinal fusion, carpal tunnel and the nerves of c3-c6 lasered etc

I also have arthritis in my sacriollic joint which I'm awaiting for steroid injections or whatever it will be

I went to chiropractor other day and he mentioned Fibromyalgia. so I Google it and I have everything but bowel problems

But I went to my Dr other day telling him I need antidepressants and my whole body is in agony, I can't take it anymore and have had thoughts if wishing I was dead but he just said we need to manage the pain 1st by upping my oxy by another 10mg x 2!!! until you see tier 3 of pain mgt

My life exists of going to work, coming home straight to bed and watch tv then I try to get sum sleep, back up for work, home to bed. it's like groundhog days

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