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ESA Assessment for RA & Fibro


Hello All

Hope you are all well, my other post was that I have RA and fibro the fibro diagnosed in Feb 2016 after working for the past 43 years, I am now on ESA for the first time in my life unemployed through my illness.

I had my ESA assessment on Friday, the lady I seen who was a nurse whom was really nice and welcoming, she asked lots of questions and near the end she asked about giving me an examination she concluded that I was in to much pain to be examined as she said it would cause me even further pain and said it would be unfair.

It was explained to me that if you are able to use a part of your upper body for at least 4 hours a day for 4 days a week then you would be deemed fit for work, I am right handed and that is the arm that I have the most pain in from my fingers wrist elbow and right up into my neck, my left side is the same but not as painful, plus all the other area's face feet knee etc, already had both hips replaced.

I was told I would hear within 5-7 days, I await the result and would be extremley surprised if I got turned down.

Will keep you all posted.


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Mum2-1 , I must say I admire you for all the years you have already worked as being diagnosed in Feb.2016 you must have worked for sometime in pain.I wish you the very best and I'm no dr or ESA assesser but in my opinion YES you should get it.I live in the US so I don't know all qualifications but sure sounds like you should qualify.Have a nice day and best of luck to you!!! Peck.🐤

Mum2-1 in reply to peck

Thank you Peck for your kind reply, the uk system seems to be so unfair from what I am hearing. I was shocked to find myself unemployed after working all those years, was made redundant after 17 years at the same place, then I got a new job at a solicitors and became ill in May 2016 after only working for them for 10 months unfortunately due to my illness they could not offer me any other type of work and dismissed me after being off sick for a few months. It isn't nice being off work very depressing especially when you are unable to do house work etc and get out and about.

It doesn't matter that you have worked for 43 years and paid tax & insurance they are not interested.

They don't take your doctors advice either so you see someone for 30-45 minutes and they assess you on your answers, some of the questions:

What do you do on a daily basis

Can you dress yourself

Can you wash yourself

Can you cook and feed yourself

Can you go shopping

How did you get to your appointment today

What to you do as a hobby

Can you clean your home

What medication are you on

Above are just a few questions.

Enjoy your day

D x

peck in reply to Mum2-1

Mum2-1 , I feel the same way.We have simular questions but I've read some things on the site, and I do believe them such as lies being told, not including all or correct illness efc. that I have NEVER heard of in the US.Im in no way saying one country is better g Han the other before someone gets offended just that I think ALL man , woman; white, black, British, American .... should be treated the same!!! They need to put third self in our shoes. Wishing you the best.Peck🐤

It is such a shock to the system (I know I've been there) to have to apply for ESA after years of working. I do think the system is unfair and does not take enough account of what the professionals who deal with our health on a regular basis say. I always wonder why they think someone would give up a good job in order to be on benefits. I do hope you have a good outcome. Take care and let us know when you get the results.x

Mum2-1 in reply to rosewine

Thank you Rosewine for your reply, yes who would give up a good job especially when they enjoy working, was originally due to retire next year at age 60 then the stupid government put an extra 6 years on my working life, how stupid are they, they should let us that have put in the system for 40+ years retire then let them that have never worked get employment.

I will certainly be posting my outcome for ESA as soon as I get it.



rosewine in reply to Mum2-1

I know the feeling I was one who was on of the first to be caught up in that insanity with an extra year tacked on but at least it wasn't 6. There was too little time to make up the money. It makes me so angry as if everyone works so long where will the jobs be for the youngsters? Let everyone retire if they want to at an age where hopefully (unlike us) they have a few years of good health like my friends to enjoy life. The rate it is going everyone will finish work and drop straight into their coffin. Good luck with the ESA.x

Waiting for your reply here's hoping that your assessment went well with the decision makers keep us all posted Mum2-1 sending you lots of welcoming ((((((HUGS))))))) and hope your coming days are pain free with the warmer here's hoping dryer weather.

Kind Regards Oouch :-) xx

Hi there is a website called Benefits and They are an independent site that help with information on filling in forms for ESA, PIP and the Appeal system. For access to the whole site is a small sum for a yearly membership. Well worth the money. Many people are not getting the benefits they are entitled too because the forms are deliberately vague. Worth a look especially if you need to appeal. Good luck. 🍀🍀. 😀X

Hi Mum2-1

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Good luck! I had my ESA assessment last year and the lady who did mine was lovely, they focused more on my Crohns than my Fibro but when they did ask about it they seemed very understanding and didn't even mention examining me. My assessment took quite a while and I think its a good sign if they ask lots of questions as some assessments only take 10 mins.

It must be a difficult decision to apply after working so hard for so long. I was a student nurse before all this, so I sort of understand but being so young it's hard to imagine what it would be like if you've always worked.

I hope you get the result you need but if you don't, remember to appeal.

Good luck hunni? :-)

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