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ESA Assessment


Hi everyone, well had my ESA assessment this morning , my husband went with me and he thinks the same as me that it went ok, was a Dr that I saw and he seemed quite sympathetic, but you just never know. Quite upsetting , I think having to actually say all my symptoms and feelings out loud made me realise how much my life has changed this past year, I ended up in tears. I'm exhausted now . So it's a waiting game to hear what comes back from them, hope everyone is having a good day, love and hugs xx

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Hi, I hope you get the right outcome & get placed in the support group where you belong. Good luck with the result. Let us know how it goes. 😀 x

Ps... Lady55 has her assessment next week. She is asking for a little advice on what to expect. X

Oops sorry its 55lady not lady55 x

Mogi52 in reply to mattoid-mags


big hugs and hope it went well...xx

Thanks everyone, will let you know how things work out, it's so nice having this forum to come here and be able to voice our worries, everyone is so lovely , xxx

I bet you are glad it is all over. Fingers crossed that you get the right outcome please let us know when you hear.x

Thank you rosewine, it is such a relief , just the waiting now. I will let you know he it goes xxx

Glad it's over for you now. Let us know how you get on. Can I just ask you are question are you already on esa? Or is it a new claim?

Trace x

Mogi52 in reply to milo4

Hi milo, thank you. I have been getting ESA since January this year , I will let you know when I hear from them, x

Fingers crossed that you et a quick, positive response. I think I'll be looking at applying for ESA in November as that's when my sick pay from work ends. I've applied for ill health retirement from work so unsure whether I'll be eligible. I really hope your application is successful. Take care and do your best to rest, easier said than done I know haha.

Becky xx

Mogi52 in reply to Malwimmy27

Thank you Becky, today I feel as if I have been run over by a train, think I was more worked up about yesterday thatn I realised. I think you will still be eligible for ESA. I had to fight for mine I have to say , they refused me it on the grounds that I hadn't made enough NI contributions , bearing in mind that I have been working for the past 36 years apart from 10 months of the year2012 which I looked after my mum for. So I contacted my mp and withing days they had agreed to pay me, so keep that in mind. Hope today is a good day for you, xxx

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck for your desired outcome, fingers crossed x

Mogi52 in reply to TheAuthor

Thank you, x

Been there horrible thing to have to do keep strong good luck xx

Thank you, just the nerves waiting on the letter now, xx

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