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Second opinion??


So at last, today is the day of my second opinion, been awake again since 4, in pain, my legs, hip, groin and arms... how awful is it that I am actually glad to be feeling so bad, just hoping they get it right this time, how hard it is to get a diagnosis of something you’d rather not have? I’ll let you all know how it goes, please keep your fingers crossed for me ..

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Good Luck

Hope you get some answers

Thanks rose, I certainly hope so x

Good luck today let us know there is lots in same position and is a struggle etc take care

Good luck today. Hope it goes well and you get some answers. At least your pain has come at the right time 😀😀

Hi everyone, an update as requested, feeling thankful that at last they’ve actually diagnosed fibromyalgia, lovely consultant, thoroughly checked and listened to, I know it doesn’t change anything but it’s reassuring to actually have a reason as to why I’m in so much pain, and why I’ve had to adapt so much in my life, my advice to anyone trying to get a diagnosis, keep all your letters, blood test results, and a diary, and persevere, request a second opinion if you have to, I’m just so glad that bits over. Now to adjust.....

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