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I can’t get relief from costochondritis


can’t take nsaids . I’m on tramadol (already on it for fibromyalgia) muscle relaxants and now gabapentin and lidocaine patches. I want to die ! This is terrible pain I get severe sternal chest tightness abs then my back feels like it will collapse. I was initially diagnosed with pericarditis ( now resolved ) then a couple weeks later costochondritis and now gastritis / reflux from the steroids . I did 5 days of prednisone ( bad side effects and had to get off prematurely ) and then did a 11 day medrol pack. I’m losing my mind I feel like I’ll never feel normal again and be able to go back to work.

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It might sound counter intuitive but have you considered coming off the tramadol?

Tramadol can cause the muscle rigidity and pain, this is one of the reasons a lot of doctors are reluctant to prescribe it long term.

I came off tramadol and gabapentin and went onto CBD, vitamin D, Magnesium with codeine for break through pain, the pain was greatly reduced, only taking OTC cocodamol during the day now.

Just the fog and fatigue to figure out, I tried amytriptiline but that made me sleepy all the time, next venlafaxine

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I wish I could come off the tramadol but it could take months for me. I would have to do a very slow taper . I have been on it for so long . But I do appreciate your input. Everyone keeps telling me about Cbd oil I may have to try it.


I had a day of costochondritis yesterday, too. It's so bl**** horrible. I tried pain patches on my chest ( not sure it helped) hot water bottles on front and back helped a little. Breathing steam. CBD oil seemed to help.

I don't know anything about the effects of meds as I only take OTC due to side effects. 111 might offer advice.

Hope your costo subsides.



costo is horrible ... i find that heat often helps me .... i use an electric heat pad which i can wrap around my whole torso; but you can also use a microwave heat pack or hot water bottle. if heat doesnt help - then some people find cold works better for them. xxx

Most people I have talked to do not like tramadol as it has bad side effects and is not powerful enough. I am on oxycodone for my pain and it works. I also take Lyrica for my neuropathy. I started out on 60 mg. per day and now 35 per day for pain. High dose of oxy but it works. I also take 360 mg of Lyrica for neuro as I am a diabetic. I am almost 70 and told the doc I wanted quality of life in my last years. I live relative pain free.

Yes costochondral is is horrible. I haven't been able to wear a bra for 7 years because of it anything fitting close to my body like a stretchy best is the same. I found Pregablin has helped me but unfortunately it is still there. I am fortunate in being able to take anti-inflammatory drugs and as it is an inflammation it does help a little but Inhave found nothing that inmjy case cures it. Originally I wouldn't even if perhaps once a year for say 2 weeks and anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers would curemit and then the bouts bit more frequent. I am one of two find that heat makes it worst but freeze gel or cold compresses are more soothing. When denuded to have a bath I wouldn't even a good soak in warm water with several handfuls of Epsom salts thrown in. Until it eases don't pickup or carry anything heavy, try not to raise your arms up and just do gentle movements and get as much rest as you can.

I do hope you find something to ease it. You have my sympathy.x

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