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Ms or Fibromyalgia

Hi im new here l have lupus sjogrens and pbc so lots going on unfortunately. Iv recently been getting pins needles in legs and feet. Neck pain that goes to my eyes. Muscle twitching and body jerking when resting. My legs feel weak and my skin hans and face feels like it been stung by a nettle. Ive seen a neurologist who did initial neuro exam ie balance gait reflexes etc and he said unlikely to be ms especially as im 68 but im unsure. Im just worn down by it all. Any feedback would be great x

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Have you had a full blood test done ? Pins and needles is a symptom of B12 deficiency. It's worth getting your bloods tested and get a copy of the results as low in the range ( or even a couple of numbers below it) is considered 'normal ' by GPs.

I'm sure the neurologist would have spotted MS signs but if you have any lingering doubts you could go to an optician. They can tell my examining the back of your eyes. It's not a definite diagnosis of course but if he/she sees anything adverse they'll tell you.


GP did a whole range of bloods including vits and all within normal range. Funny you should mention opticians l went on sunday as ive had eye pain and floaters had eyes tested in February for new glasses but had an eye test on Sunday specfically looking for inflammation and all normal optician looked at back of eye with contrast also for colour blindness and all good.


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