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Switching from prescription meds to CBD


I am new on here.

I am currently taking Pregabalin and Tramadol for Fibromyalgia but would like to try CBD capsules and/or oil instead, based on the very good feedback from fellow sufferers. However, I'm rather nervous about how to do this safely - can you take cbd alongside prescription drugs as they are phased out? What dosage? Any tips as to how to go about changing from prescription meds to cbd?

Any advice would be helpful - many thanks!

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Hi I put two drops under my tongue. I was awake for two days did not suit me. Hope you have better luck.


Hi I use cbd oil with tramadol and citropram with no side effects because health shops are not medical professionals they are not allowed to advise you I was given a leaflet that advised start on the lowest dose one and start the first week I drop 3 times a day and slowly increase if needed if you use 3 drops 3 times a day and it doesn't help u may need a strong strength one they come in quite a few I paid £18 for the lower dose but it goes up to about 100 shops that helps xx


Good morning :) maybe it would be a good idea to ask your GP or speak to your pharmacist. I always find the pharmacist very helpful. :)


I decided to do the same but was told by a friend if u do it u must get good one or there useless , well it coincided with a birthday trip to Amsterdam where they actually have cbd medical centres so i waited till i went there.

On visiting a centre i went into room told lady what was wrong with me and she gave me a few suggestion but i went with a tea and tincture, not cheap but the best. Started that day as she gave me some in shop, u should feel nothing, no different, not sick or weird as u should have no thc in there, which is the high of the drug.

I felt nothing BUT i will tell u within 5 days my pain had halved and now 4 months down line i can function more or less normally. I have flares and bad days but i was getting quite bad plus i have ibs and it helped that to.

I still get my stuff from them as i would never try another one now just incase it wasnt as good or made me feel weird.

So the answer is yes it will help u and yes u do need to have a descent one which is expensive and i do not take any tablets anymore just the occasional day

Hope this helps

I stopped the Tramadol, then slowly came off Gabapentin, over three weeks or so, then started cbd oil....a drop under tongue now on 6 drops am and before bed. Helps as much if not more than the prescription meds, also helps restless legs and muscle spasms as a bonus extra!

However, you need to take the cbd oil with THC, the over the counter stuff made from hemp is useless.

And that's the problem, is it legal where you live, if not you have to decide.....

The restless legs and sleep much more easily was the main help that cbd oil.

As i think with good sleep comes a well body and mind and i was lucky to ever get 3 hours broken sleeo a night, now i get 6-8 hours

Taken in drops under the tongue cbd oil with THC will NOT give you a high.

It would be difficult to answer your questions, as I would have no idea what your levels of pain and disability are. I was not advised that CBD oil would be a problem with other medications. You need to follow a good consultant or doctor's advice about tapering off your other medications, as you must do that gradually. I found that although the CBD oil I bought seemed to help a lot at first, I did not particularly notice enough improvement to continue buying it. I would have needed to try probably the higher dosage in capsule form which would be too expensive for me. As for other drug interactions, I don't know and an not qualified to make any speculation. CBD oil varies a lot in type and quality from one supplier to another, and the company I got mine from has several types. I would trust them, but have stopped taking it for the time being. I am mostly bed bound, and it was inconvenient for me to take frequent doses with something to disguise the strong taste. I would still try the capsule form if I could afford it, as my pain is very high, and my ME consultant and I still have not found anything that helps very much. I am now tapered down to taking a much reduced amount of Pregabalin, plus two doses per day of an anti-inflammatory prescription drug called Nabumetone, as recommended by my consultant. I may soon be trying Low Dose Naltrexone.

I have started taking CBD oil and also have done with thc which is supposed to be needed to hit the pain. From what I’ve read, you should leave 2 hours between Prescription meds and the oil. I do that and haven’t had problems. I have lowered to 100mg pregabalin at bed time and 50mg tramadol twice a day. I really want to get off all Prescription meds.

Medipen.co.uk is where I get my cbd from and to be honest on a bad day it works but on a really bad day it doesn’t for me. But everyone is different

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