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From oxy to cbd

Hello, i have severe fibro and a back injury and am currently taking 4 doses of 20mg oxycodone a day also 3 doses of 600mg gabbapentin a day. I wish to start using cbd oil and kick the oxy but am worried about first trying the cbd whilst taking the oxy ( you have to be weaned off oxycodone). My question therefor is" am i going to be safe to take cbd oil whilst still taking, but gently weaning myself off the oxycodone? As i cant just STOP taking the oxy?. Thanks for any help x

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Hi there maisiebess,

welcome to our Fibromyalgia Forum.

None of our members are Medically qualified to give advice about Medication, and really the best person to ask how to go about weaning yourself off Oxycodone, and starting CBD Oil would be your Dr or a Pharmacist.

When weaning yourself off a drug like Oxycodone you have to do it under medical supervision as the withdrawal can give you very serious symptoms. It would be unsafe to go it alone.

Good luck, and I hope it works out for you.

GP. 😊😊


Hi there maisiebess and a very warm welcome to our group. I have noticed you have not locked your post. You may like to do this now to keep it private and off the world wide net. It may also generate more replies if it is locked. This link will show you how to lock a post.


I see you have already been given a very good reply to your question from Greenpeace we are not qualified to advise people on what they should and shouldn't be doing when trying out new medication, stopping or starting etc. You really do need to speak to your GP about this. I wish you well and hope works out well for you :) xx



I think it was Greenpeace not me Mo πŸ˜ƒ

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oops sorry it was late and I was tired lol xx

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Unfortunately as previous replies say we are not medically qualified to be able to answer your question. And because cbd is classed as a food supplement the cbd suppliers may not be able to answer your question either.

Most of my own personal research into cbd has been through Facebook groups and my only other suggestion would be to perhaps ask on such a group I'd anyone has been in a similar situation as you. (Pm me if you would like a link to a reputable group who seem to really know what they are talking about) xxx


Hiya Maisie.

I live with insane pain 24/7 and have tried a few of the best AND oils and I found them all a waste of money...completely.

You name it I have done them all and am now about to start a drug from the US called SAM-e which has had really fantastic reviews keep in touch and I will let you know how I get on.

Good luck with the oil if you go ahead with it.




Sorry Maisie.. it should have read CBD oil..lol




I would suggest discussing this with your doctor. Weaning off oxycodone should,d be medically supervised.

For advise a out cbd I would,d suggest joining the cbd Facebook page. There yiu will find people all over the world with a lot of experience in using cbd for different problems. There is always someone will g to help.



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